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Skerries Educate Together NS, Skerries, Co. Dublin

Sinéad's Class: Proud to Love

11th Jun 2024

June is Pride month so it was only fitting that we learned about all the wonderful ways we love each other. The children started off by working in groups to define what love is for them. It was lovely to see them talk about the people that are special to them and how love makes them feel. We spoke about the symbol of the heart, sign language and gestures that mean "love".

For our Learn Together lesson, we read a lovely story called "...and Tango makes three". The story teaches us that all kinds of love can create a family. We spoke about the words the children wrote on their group pages and how everyone deserves to feel that way.

Of course we threw in some art as well. We spoke about another symbol that the children had seen in shopping centres but didn't make a connection for what it means. The rainbow flag is a celebration of every kind of love so we used that as our inspiration for our heart sculptures. It didn't matter that some of the hearts were bigger, smaller, different colours, pointy or curved. The sculptures represent how love is different and beautiful. 

I played the music for the children that I planned to add to this video. They seemed to think Oasis were The Beatles so now I feel like a dinosaur!

Happy Pride everyone!