11 June 2014

School Self Evaluation

Dear Parents,

As you may remember, our school began working on the School Self Evaluation process last year. This involved gathering information from all areas of the school community. We asked children, parents and teachers about their thoughts on Maths and Literacy with a view to discovering the areas in which we were doing well in and some areas that may need further consideration. One source of feedback in this area is the report produced last year from your responses. This is on our website if you would like to look at it using the following link https://www.skerrieseducatetogether.ie/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/School-Self-Evaluation-Report-20122013.pdf. Thank you again for your participation with this.

Once this information was collected and reflected upon, we chose to focus on the area of Maths in our school. Much work has been done this year and we really feel that we are actively addressing the issues brought up during the research.

We have now chosen to focus on the area of Literacy. The research conducted last year was inclusive of both Maths and Literacy. As a result, we do not require any additional input from parents at this stage. Teachers are being asked their opinions on the teaching and learning of English in our school and we will share the information and plan for next year as soon as our Self Evaluation Committee has completed its work.

If you would like any more information about the School Self Evaluation process, please ask one of the SSE Committee members; Tomás, David, Ellie, Cian and Alison.



School Self Evaluation Committee