12 February 2013

Parent/Teacher Meeting Arrangments

Parents are advised that Parent-Teacher meetings are due to be held at our school on Friday 22nd of February and Friday 1st March. All parents will receive a letter regarding these arrangements when children return to school on Monday 18th next after the midterm break.  This letter will request parents to indicate what time on either of these days will suit best for them to make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher.  (Parents will be asked to give three rated options for each day).  Meetings for children in Junior and Senior Infants will be timed from 1.10pm to 3.30pm. Meeting for more senior classes will take place between 2.10pm and 4.30pm.. Each meeting will last about 10 minutes.

Very often the first day of these meetings is oversubscribed and thus it can be difficult to give parents their choice. Parents who opt for the second day of meetings are usually facilitated at their time of choice.  Many parents may need to make special arrangements at their place of work in order to be free to attend these meetings.  This notice is posted on our website today 12th February in the hope that parents have adequate notice to make appropriate arrangements with employers.  This is always a special day at our school and we look forward to meeting all parents and chatting with them about their children’s learning. Tomás.