25 June 2015

Opening soon – Our New School Shop

Skerries Educate Together NS

School Shop


Our school shop will be opening soon. It will be run by children from 5th class for children from 1st to 6th and will sell a variety of writing materials. Our price list is published below and can also be found under ‘useful links’. Keep an eye out for additional items which will be added over time, such as colouring pencils. Remember children from 1st  to 6th class need to provide their own writing materials, so make sure that you stock up for the next school year.

We will open the shop for the first time on Monday 29th June and we will be open on the first two days of the new school year in September.


Our Price List

HB pencil…………55c

Red pen………..60c

Black pen……….60c


Pencil parer………..30c

Helix plastic ruler 15cm……€1.50

Helix plastic ruler 30cm…..€2


Parents please note that this is a service run by children for children. If you wish your child to purchase something, just give them the money and they will be given an opportunity each week to use the shop.