17 May 2021

ETNS ASD Class Application

Dear parents and guardians,

I hope that you are all well.

I want to update you on an important issue for the whole school community.  As you will know, the school is awaiting the construction of a 4-classroom extension which will enable primary classrooms for children with autism to be established here.  Unfortunately the pace of this development has been much delayed and in this context, the Department of Education has requested that the school open a class for children with autism in September 2021, within the existing school building.  At a recent meeting of the Board of Management, a decision was made to accept this request and accordingly, one classroom for children with autism will open in Skerries ETNS in September 2021.  This classroom will have a capacity for 6 children and applications are being accepted from next Monday 24th May until Monday 14th June.  The relevant admissions notice, admissions policy and application form for this classroom are available here…