17 September 2014

After School Clubs – Autumn 2014

We are pleased to inform you that our After School Clubs will be commencing on Monday 13th October.  Each club will take place one day per week for 7 weeks with a break for Mid-term.  These clubs are organised by the After School Clubs Committee, and will be run by teachers and parents/guardians of children in the school.


Registration Night – Download Registration Form Autumn 2014

When? Tuesday 23rd September@ 6.00pm Where? At the school

What do I need to bring?

  • A completed registration form  (one form to be completed for each child)
  • Fee – Please bring exact change. (Cheques are welcome but don’t write the amount until places are secured)


What to expect on registration night?

Please enter from the Hall at the back of the school.  When you arrive you will be given a numbered ticket, proceed to the booking tables (located in the Lobby) when your number is called.  You will see that there will be a table assigned to each day of the week (Monday-Thursday clubs).  Once you’ve registered the place on preferred club you can then move to the payment table.  If you would like to enrol your child(ren) on multiple clubs, please ensure that you get a place on each club before moving to payment table.  If paying by cash – it would be great if you could have exact change as this will help speed up the registration process. In the interest of fairness we would ask that parents only enrol their own children.  Some clubs fill up quickly so arrive early to avoid disappointment; there are only 10 places per club. We ask that parents understand that the organisers are parents themselves and are helping out voluntarily so please be patient if there are delays. Please don’t ask them to hold places or pre-book children onto club lists.


Important Notes;

  • Most club fees are €30 except Art, Science, Fun with food, Mime these clubs are €35 to help cover extra costs involved.


  • In the interest of safety we cannot stress enough that children attending the football/ sports clubs must have the appropriate clothing and footwear i.e football boots for football, jackets etc


  • Clubs will start at 1.15 and finish at 2.15 for Junior/Senior infants, 2.15 – 3.15 for all other classes.  When school finishes, children will proceed to the junior yard as usual and then join the line for their club.  Most clubs will run for one hour except the Fun with Food & Soccer club, these clubs may run for a few minutes extra to allow for preparation and clean up!  Please note: We ask that you arrive on time to collect children.


  • Fun with Food – Parents are asked to provide a container each week so children can bring home their tasty dish!


  • The form is available for download on the school website – www.skerrieseducatetogether.ie  There will be forms available on registration night and also on the table just inside the main school door (or email [email protected]) from today.     Parents who are unable to attend the evening registration will have an opportunity to register on the following Wednesday morning (24th Sept) at the school from 8.30am (in the main reception area), providing there are places still left available.  Please note that places in the clubs will be on a first come first served basis. In order for your child’s place to be fully booked, payment is required on the night. There will be a waiting list set up if needed, should there be any cancellations.  


  • If a club is cancelled or if parents need to be notified of any changes, a text will be sent out as soon as we can.  We will also post updates on the school website and facebook page.


  • For health and safety reasons and for the enjoyment of all children in the clubs the school’s code of behaviour will apply during club time.  If the leader believes that a child is not enjoying the club they may at their discretion ask the parent/s to consider the child’s membership in the club.


It is mandatory that children have Liability Insurance.  It is a strict requirement that children are covered in order to take part in an afterschool club. Insurance organised by the PA in September or with another school is sufficient.  If a child isn’t covered, they can’t take part in the afterschool clubs program.  Insurance forms will be sent home from the PA this week.


Who is on the After School Clubs Committee?

We are parents of children attending Skerries Educate Together.  We started the Clubs when the school was just in its second year.  With the help of parents, teachers, Tomás and Club Leaders we’ve gone from strength to strength in the few years since.  The whole idea of the clubs is to allow children experience new activities in a safe, friendly and familiar environment.  Our hope is that these clubs will nurture and inspire the children and most importantly that they have FUN!!!


The current committee members are:

Ann Marie Downey, Mandy Greene, Carmel Crowley, Sheelagh Hogan Lisa Harpur & Pat McDermott..  We would love to hear from you if you are a parent and would like to join our committee.  We would also be very interested to meet with you if you would like to become a Leader and run a club of your own!


Fun with Food

All classes

This club will promote healthy eating while the children experience what happens to food during preparation and cooking. They will get hands on experience washing, preparing, supervised cooking and displaying their dish, which they will bring home so parents can taste and they can eat what they made! This Club offers a nutritional, colourful and fun club which will promote our children’s sense of accomplishment, self confidence and a healthy outlook towards food in general.  Leaders – Rosa (1st – 3rd class) Orla (Infants) & (4-6th Class)



3rd class +

Come along each week to have fun and learn how to play basketball.  Learn all about the rules, take part in training and competitions while having fun and keeping fit. Leader – Dara



All Classes

This club offers junior and senior infants a chance to improve dexterity, use their imagination through learning play with Lego and other construction sets. The will have lots of fun creating, inventing, building and changing their minds to create all over again. This club is bound to be fantastic fun for everyone! Leaders –  Anne Costello Martin  (Infants)  & Antoinette (1st-6th Class)



All classes

‘Why is the sky blue Mammy?’ ‘How do plants grow?’

When a child asks this kind of question they have taken the first step into the world of science and in Science Club they’ll discover what it’s like to take the next: finding answers to those questions. Also we’ll be doing lot’s cool, fun stuff.   Leader Seán



2nd – 6th Class

Comedy Mime Club! Here is a brand new Club run by Club Veterans Gina & Ann- Marie. It’s a club, with a different concept. How about learning drama, dance & acting without one word spoken? Without any lead or extra parts? Every child has the same role. Working as a team. Sounds tricky? Imagine each child learning how to perform to get a reaction from an audience just by movement alone. Now imagine the fun and excitement and you have it! Mime!  The children will be introduced to basic set design too. This Club promises to open a door to a different world with imagination!  Leader – Gina.



All classes

This club is an introduction to soccer. The children will learn about tactics, skill, teamwork, the rules of the game and a love for sport. This club promotes fitness, inclusion, respect, and fun! What makes this club very special is that each child will have a football during the club time so no child is left out. Girls and boys are both very welcome to join.  Leaders – Fran & Pat



3rd – 6th Class 

The main aim of the club is to have fun learning an instrument while developing skills in musicianship.  There could be the option of entering an exam at the end of the year.  We will cover different musical genres including pieces chosen by the children themselves.   Leader – Joanne



All Classes

The Children will have lots of fun as there is no wrong way to explore art; there are just different ways of looking at it. Each term we do different things to keep this club fresh and new! (This could get messy, so parents please consider providing an old shirt for your child, to save their clothes or even dress them in clothes that won’t matter if they get dirty on this day).   Leader – Gina



3rd – 6th Class 

In this club the children will have fun learning how to play guitar. This club will promote commitment and a sense of pride and achievement as they begin to realise that they themselves can make music happen! This in turn will be great for the children’s confidence. There will be some homework involved in this club so children need to have their own guitars.   Parents, if your child hasn’t got a guitar, please let David know as soon as you can, or a member of our committee on registration night can so you may be helped to source one.   Leader – David


Library Club

1st – 6th Class

Do you love books? Me too! Come along and spend an uninterrupted hour in our new school library. For the Juniors, we will be bringing our favourite stories to life, using funny voices, puppets and play acting. For the older kids, we’ll be talking about our favourite books and maybe coming up with a few stories of our own! All children in the library club can choose a book to borrow and bring home.  Leader – Anna.


Glee/Performing Arts

2nd – 6th Class
Modelled on the award winning television show and American Choir Movement, GLEE Club is an all singing, all dancing, all acting, all smiling form of expression. If your child has any interest in the theatre arts then this is the club for them. Throughout the term we will work on developing self-confidence, teamwork skills, articulation, diction, stage craft, co-ordination of song and movement and, most importantly, having fun through song and dance. There will be a strong focus on developing vocal range and having a lot of fun through songs that the children love and enjoy! Leader – Alison


Dance and Drama

Junior & Senior Infants

This is a fun club for all Junior & Senior Infants.  Help to increase the degree of thinking, feeling and movement.
It enhances cognitive, affective and motor development.  Drama teaches children life skills, communication and socialising skills. Music and dance frees the spirit and brings out the creative forces in children and it’s fun!  Leader – Hannah


Registration evening – Tuesday 23rd September @ 6.00pm


Clubs start week beginning Monday 13th October



If you have any queries we would prefer to correspond by e-mail; [email protected]

Or by text to the following contact details 085 201 1854 

If you call and don’t get a reply we will return the call as soon as we can.