23 November 2011

Visit to the National Concert Hall

Sylvia’s first class and Joanne’s second class visited the NCH for the ‘Music in the Classroom’ concert. We had a fabulous time.

First class wrote a report on their trip. Here are some of the things that they wrote.

Maia wrote ‘It was fun and they played Raiders of the lost ark and the double bass was huge and there was a story about Tuby the Tuba and the conductor was very nice and I liked the whole concert.’

Kate wrote ‘We sang Toy Story songs. It was just so so so fun.’

Sam wrote ‘The Timpani went Boom! Boom! and after the Timpani the Double bass played and it went dun dun and the conductor made the instruments play Raiders of the lost ark and it went bum buntdentden the do theundudbumpdumpa!’

Eoin wrote ‘My favourite was Indiana Jones and the treasure chest. I like the Irish songs. We went through a tunnel. It was great.’

Daniel wrote ‘ My favourite thing was when the violin was played and the double bass got played aswell and I liked when we were in the bus and it was funny when a woman said toys can come to life.’

Emily wrote ‘First class went to see’ music in the classroom’ in the National Concert Hall. My favourite was the tuba. It was long but it was funny anyway.’

Leila wrote ‘The dancers were my favourite thing.’

Lara wrote ‘I liked the umberella bit. It was good. I really liked all of the time we were there. I loved it. It was the best. I wish I could go again.’

As you can see we all had a wonderful time!