Fourth and fifth class

Moral and Spiritual

  • Golden rules of the school and classroom

Personal choices

  • Responsibility: individual and collective
  • Exploration of shades of right and wrong

Cultural and spiritual growth

  • Raising awareness of different life experiences
  • Reflection on such and impact on people
  • Examination of personal views on a range of issues

Equality and Justice

Exploration of Human Rights

  • Rights of the Child
  • Protection Rights
  • Review such rights Irish context
  • Human rights Day

Promoting Equality

  • Exploration of discrimination and prejudice, equality issues, equality legislation
  • Friendship Bracelets

Democratic Process

  • Awareness of and participation in the process

Activating equality through positive action

  • Activism in the classroom and wider community
  • Fair Trade
  • equality

Belief Systems


  • Nirvana Day
  • Wesak


  • Vaisakhi (Sikh New Year)
  • Guru Nanak Birthday


  • Exploring beliefs

Learning about these different value and belief systems through story, pictures, photos, ICT. Examining symbols, philosophies, key figures, ceremonies, places of worship.

Ethics and the Environment

Knowledge and awareness of environment issues

  • Pollution, natural disasters, conservation, impact of actions through generations

Activation of responsibility and stewardship

  • Green Schools Project
  • Environmental debates
  • Exploration of environmentally friendly lifestyles
  • Participation in school garden activities