01 May 2013

Update on new arrangements in mornings

Can’t wait to get into class. Life is so good!

A group of teachers and parents met recently to share views on how things are going with children entering the school building unaccompanied in the mornings. It was agreed that this transition has worked very well. Many thanks to all parents and children who have helped this to happen. The school day gets off to a much calmer start and teaching and learning begin more efficiently each morning.

Some parents were a little unhappy about not being able to pass on the occasional message to a teacher in the morning. It wasn’t intended that this type of communication should stop altogether. Let me assure all parents that if they do have a need for a quick word in the morning with their child’s teacher then this is fine. Just mention it to myself or Jean as you pass us and continue on into the school.

Other parents mentioned how their children sometimes encourage them not to come into the school grounds. Again, this is not what was intended and I will talk to all children at assembly and let them know this. We will tell children how much we like it when their parents come to the school door  and give us a chance to chat or say hello.

Finally, some parents have expressed how they miss having the opportunity to see some of the work their children have been involved with –  artwork or projects on display about the school. This is a very important issue and one which teachers will consider at their next teachers’ meeting. We will explore what opportunities can be used to maintain and develop this important link for parents and our learning environment within the school building. Certainly our new extension should make it easier to accommodate more parental access to the school and their children’s learning here.

Thanks again to everybody for your cooperation.