12 November 2012

Traffic Management

12th November 2012

Re: Safety of our children coming and going to school.

Dear Parents

It has been brought to our attention that there are problems with some people driving into the school grounds and also with people parking directly in front of the gates. The Board is very concerned about this as we do not wish to see any children getting hurt as a result of traffic accidents. We need to restate the following points and ask for all parents’ cooperation with this.

1. School staff cars only are allowed past the school gate in the morning time and at going home time.
2. Parents who have mobility problems are asked to apply to the school for a special pass which will be issued by the Board of Management allowing an exception to be made in such cases.
3. Parents are asked not to park directly in front of the school gates as this causes congestion and could lead to an accident. Also, this area is supposed to be free of stationary vehicles for health and safety reasons. Access for ambulances and fire-brigade should be available at all times.

The Board of Management is considering how best to improve the situation with parking outside in the mornings and is in consultation with Fingal County Council on the matter. Parents are asked to cooperate with the following:
• One suggestion put to us by Fingal Co.Council is that we encourage parents to park in Skerries Point shopping centre and then walk to the school grounds with their children from here.
• We have also been asked to encourage families to walk to school if they live nearby.
• When arriving at the school gate it would be very helpful if parents drove well beyond the gate on the road outside the school and turned their car around a good distance down this section of the road.
• Parents could then come back towards the school and park on the side of the road adjacent to the school railings.
• In this way children could be made to get out of the car on the safe side of the road walking straight onto the grass verge up to the school gate.

We ask parents to consider all of the above very carefully and to help make our school a safe place for our children.

Yours truly,

Aisling O’Connell, Chairperson, Tomás Hickey, Principal
Board of Management .