28 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 16 update

Hi everyone,

We travelled another 395 km today in the great weather, which brings us to the city of Silopi (still in Turkey, although we are at the very south eastern corner of the country and will cross over into Iraq tomorrow).  Silopi is the main crossing point between Turkey and Iraq and we hope to get through the long queues at the border tomorrow.  The route we will take will miss out on Syria altogether as there are difficulties with getting access to roads in Syria on the Mapquest site we are using (which are nothing compared to the terrible difficulties for very many people living in Syria at the moment).

You can follow our exact route by clicking on the link below:


Thanks to everyone for their support at home and the effort being put in by the staff and children is really great to see.

All the best,