19 September 2013

School Self Evaluation Report

Dear Parents and Children,

We are happy to be able to share with all the findings of our school self evaluation last year. Parents and children took part in answering questions on Literacy and Numeracy and the findings are summarised and presented on our website here. Just click on the tab ‘Policies and Reports’. Soon we will publish our ‘School Improvement Plan’ which focuses on numeracy and uses the information gathered in our report to plan how to teach and learn in this area at our school. Please have a look at the report and see how parents and children think about pupils’ learning in numeracy and literacy and how we go about developing skills and competencies in these important areas. Thank you to all who took part in our information gathering last year. It was really useful.

Tomás, Dara, Joanne and Conor – School Self Evaluation Coordinating Team 2012-2013.