17 December 2013

Safety at school.

Parents, teachers and the Board of Management are working closely together to ensure our school is safe for all children. One area of concern to us all is safety with cars and children coming and going to school. A traffic plan is almost complete and we hope to communicate this to you in the new year. For the moment we need to remind parents that parking within the school grounds is not allowed. This is for safety reasons only. It is in operation from 8.15 am until 9 15 am and later from 12.50pm until 2.45 pm. If there is a problem with mobility for a child or parent then an exception can be made for this. Parents would need to apply for a special parking permit at the school office. Parents are encouraged to use the carpark at Skerries Point – the shopping centre across the road from our school.

We will communicate more about safety with children coming and going to school in the new year. Let’s all work together and avoid any dangerous accidents. Thank you for your attention.