25 February 2014

Parent Plus Early Years Programme

            Parent with confidence, less stress and greater satisfaction

The Parent Plus Early Years Programme is a seven week course for parents of preschoolers and young children. Learn proven ways to

  • Help your child communicate and learn in play
  • Creatively help your child learn and reach their full potential
  • Manage difficult behaviour such as tantrums or being aggressive.
  • Develop good relationship with your children and to enjoy being his/her parent


Week 1 Introduction/Tuning into Children Pressing the Pause Button
Week 2 Child Centred Communication and PlayTeaching Children How to Behave Well
Week 3 Encouraging and Supporting ChildrenThe Power of Attention
Week 4 Establishing Routines using Rewards & Picture ChartsGaining Cooperation from Children
Week 5 Helping Children Learn through Play and Reading Dealing with Misbehaviour using Consequences
Week 6 Using  booksDiscipline and prevention plans
Week 7 Creative Play ActivitiesParents Caring for Themselves

 Course Dates:    Starts Wednesday March 5th at 10:00am-12:30pm and runs for 7 weeks

Course Venue: Baldoyle Resource Centre

Course Facilitator: Katherine Moreland and Helena Heffernan

Contact No: 01 8020484