29 June 2016

Out and about with Jean’s 1st Class

Budding archaeologists from first class set off for Loughshinny in May to be close to the Roman settlement site discovered in nearby Drumanagh in recent years.  Peter O’Neill, poet and author, and father of Rebecca in first class,  worked with me to introduce the children to some of the ways of the Romans in the first century.   This project work included learning about the origins of the Roman Empire, schooldays, toys, games, food, clothes, roman numerals, roman pottery and even a little latin.   After a fortnight of classroom learning the children took part in a treasure hunt on Loughshinny beach, marched like legionnaires and some even attempted to play knucklebones (nowadays called Jacks).  The trip to Loughshinny included a visit to the boathouse.  Here, the children discovered an amazing monster made from recycled GAA footballs. Finally we headed back to Ardgillan playground for lots more fun!

Our school tour to Rathbeggan Lakes in June was great fun as we teamed up with Lauren’s and Sylvia’s classes for a action-packed fun-filled day.  A million thanks to all the parents who came along to help.

Finally, I would like to wish my class all the very best in second class!  You are truly wonderful and I will miss you!

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