18 October 2013

New Arrangements for Yard Times

Parents and Children

You won’t catch me!

We’re bringing in a few changes with break-time at our school starting next Monday 21st October. We have found that there have been a few accidents with children bumping into each other during yard. This happens mostly when children are playing running games. We don’t want to ban running as we think it is good for children to run around and have some fun with their friends – especially if they are sitting down working hard for a lot of the day. So, we have decided to make use of the soft-surfaced play area for all Junior Infants. This area is really for our special needs unit, Seolta, which will open in January. However, we can use it for other children also. Therefore, from Monday next all children from Dee’s and Louise’s classes will have both their short morning break and, later, their main break in the soft-surfaced yard. This will mean that the junior yard is now free for Jenny’s and Caroline’s classes. Thank you to all the teachers who agreed to give up more time to supervise these breaks. We hope all children enjoy having that bit more space and look forward to seeing plenty of safe good fun during break-times.