08 October 2012

Starting the day at our school.

Thanks to everybody for making a big effort to get to school on time. There has been a big improvement. Our school-day starts at 8.30 am. All children who arrive before this time are supervised from 8.15 am on-wards. The school doors open at 8.30 am and all children waiting at outside doors will be admitted and these doors will now be closed. It’s important that children are in school for this valuable settling -in time. It gives them a chance to chat with their friends and make a calm transition between home and school. Children arriving after 8.30 am will have to use the front door. On rainy days we allow children into the building where they wait in the downstairs corridor until the 8.30 am bell rings.
We need to let you know that all classroom doors, as well as the front door, are closed at 8.40 am. This is the time for formal teaching and learning to begin. Some children are being taught out on corridors so our school needs to be free of any visitors for this. Any children who arrive to school after this time need to press the buzzer at the front door. Sharon or some other member of staff will greet the child and bring them to their classroom. Please keep up the great

Hope we make it in time!

effort with coming to school on time every day.