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07 December 2018

How To Catch a Star

‘Once there was a boy who was always looking up. He dreamt of having a star as a friend. This is the story of his adventure’

This week, 1st Class visited The Ark to see a non-verbal, puppet version of the much loved book How to Catch a Star by Irish author Oliver Jeffers. As well as the show, the children visited Dublin Castle, the Chester Beatty Gardens and, highlight of the day for many, the port tunnel!

The children were so well behaved and did our school proud.


30 November 2018

Diving for Data: A Marine Workshop

This week, our 5th Classes welcomed Loraine from Oceaneers Education to the school. Loraine conducted a lively, informative and fun workshop on Marine Litter.

The children got to explore the sources of marine litter using graphs and simple addition and also learn about micro-plastics and how they are harming marine animals.

Thank you to Loraine and to Fingal County Council for providing funding for the workshop. Title: Diving for Data

26 November 2018

Christmas Shoebox Appeal


Collection at Educate Together @ 8.30am, 1.10pm & 2.10pm Dec 7TH

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Our recently elected Student Council met recently to discuss a number of important school related topics. As always, one item of discussion was deciding on a charity to support this year. It was decided that this month we will once again hold a shoebox appeal in support of Inner City Helping Homeless charity. Last years appeal was a massive success for a vital cause.

  • There were officially 9,698 people homeless including 3,829 children in Sept 2018 across Ireland and this number increases every day.   More than one in three people in emergency accommodation is a child. However, this number does not include ‘hidden homelessness’ which refers to people who are living in squats, cars, refuges and people sleeping on the street.It is estimated that the true homeless figure is over 11,000 in Ireland.
  • Inner City Helping Homeless engage with approximately 150 people sleeping on the streets of Dublin every evening.

If you wish to support this charity, please see the details below.

Thank you

Wrap a Shoebox allowing it to open, Label it Male or Female and add any of the items below:

  • Socks (white are preferable)
  • Underwear
  • Hat
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Soap
  • Shower Gel
  • Wipes
  • Roll on Deodorant (No Aerosols)
  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Chocolate
  • Xmas card with message

** if you are making up a box for a child please Label it with Age & Boy or Girl


21 November 2018

Guest Poet

During Literacy Week, we will be inviting a number of writers, poets and illustrators into our school. This week, while not technically being Literacy Week, our 1st and 6th Class had their workshop with Irish Poet, Tony Curtis.

Tony engaged the children in reading, song and movement, giving them a broad experience in poetry and music.

We were delighted to welcome Tony to our school and hope that the children enjoyed the visit!

12 November 2018

Parent Teacher Meetings

Just a reminder that school finishes at 1.10pm for all classes on Thursday 15th and Thursday 22nd November to facilitate parent teacher meetings.



08 November 2018

One Day Together

Before taking a well deserved rest from our learning we held a fundraiser in school for Educate Together. One Day Together is an annual event that takes place across the country in Educate Together schools. The aim is to support the Educate Together network and to highlight the benefits of learning in an Educate Together school!

The school was buzzing with so many children dressed up in their Halloween costumes. We celebrated together by taking part in an ‘Incredible’ 10 @ 10 followed by a whole school movie event in the hall. A huge thank you to Ellie and her 5th Class for designing posters, making popcorn and coordinating the event. A further thank you to Mario for making the hall so welcoming and comfortable and also to Mr Incredible for getting everyone exercising on such a cold morning!


(Further information on One Day Together can be found here http://www.educatetogether.ie/community-fundraising)

07 November 2018

Cake Sale

On Thursday October 25th, the PTA organised and held a cake sale in school. Children visited the hall throughout the day to pick up some treats and the event was a huge success!

Congratulations and thank you to the PTA for their hard work. We were delighted to hear that €1166.93 was raised. We also want to thank the parents for being so generous with their time either by manning the counter with humour, patience and charm on the day, or by creating such colourful, imaginative and delicious cakes for us all!



26 October 2018

Mid Term Break

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that school finishes at the normal time of 1.10pm for Junior and Senior Infants and at 2.10pm for all other classes today.

School is closed for one week for the Mid-term break from Monday 29th October.

School re-opens on the 5th of November at 8.30am. Have a nice break everyone.


23 October 2018

Maths Week

Last week, children throughout the school welcomed visitors to classes for Maths week. Among the many Maths games we played, some children taught the parent helpers the rules to Mancala, a strategy game that originated in Africa. With archaeological evidence dating back to 6000 BC, some historians believe that it is the oldest game in the world. We now have a new generation of players that will continue the tradition for a couple more years!

Thank you to all parent helpers that visited classes throughout the school last week.


16 October 2018

5-a-side Tournament

Last week saw the opening fixtures in our school soccer tournament. We have forty-five children from our Senior Classes making up 9 teams (our staff have a team to make up the numbers!) and it was wonderful to see so many happy and enthusiastic footballers taking part during lunch break.

It was a hugely successful opening week… There were a number of hard-fought matches, some draws, some interesting celebrations, plenty of goals and one broken goalpost!

The Portuguese team are currently sitting at the top of the league, followed by France and our (not competitive at all) Staff team!

For anyone interested, the fixtures and league table are on the noticeboard in the lobby.