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15 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 7 update

Hi everyone,

We completed our longest distance so far today, with a total of 377km run, walked and jogged.  Some of the classes are beginning to run more than their 1km each day and this is making our total add up very quickly.  This distance brings us into Austria and we find ourselves in Graz.  You can follow our progress to date by clicking on the link below:


Thanks for all of your support and we’ll keep you all informed of our progress tomorrow.

All the best,


14 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 6 update

Hi everyone,

It was our first day back after the midterm break and any thoughts of children having lost their enthusiasm for the running programme were quickly put to rest by the senior infants classes who were straight out to the yard at 8:40am for their 1km run – well done to them all.  The other classes all followed suit and it was noticeable how the children were moving very easily and seem to have adapted to the 1km distance.

We added 295km to our overall total which brings us across another international border and on to the city of Munich in Bavaria, Germany (I hear it is very nice at this time of year).

You can follow our progress here:


All the best,


10 May 2018

Blue Nose Day update

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to Blue Nose week.

We raised a grand total of €506, so thank you all very much.

These donations will go towards equipping the sensory room in Seolta.

We are very grateful for the generous response.

04 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 5 update

Hi everyone,

We have added another 302km to our total distance covered in the first week of our marathon challenge.  This brings us to a total of 1,561km which is a fantastic achievement for all children (and staff) in the school.  On our virtual journey we have left France and crossed the border into Switzerland where we have reached Zurich.  You can see our route by taking a look at the map attached:


We’ll be taking a break from the challenge over the midterm but that’s no reason for everyone not to stay active so that we can pick up where we left off on May 14th.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support and enjoy the midterm break!

03 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon – Day 4 update

Hi everyone,

Today we recorded our highest daily distance yet, covering 379km (some children are beginning to run/walk/jog more than 1km per day, which is terrific).  This brings us through Paris and out the other side towards the Swiss border, ending up in the pleasantly named town of Chaumont.

Check out the map by following the link:


Tomorrow is our last day before the midterm break so we’ll let you know if we reach Switzerland in our next update.

All the best,


02 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 3 update

Hi everyone,

We have reached mainland Europe on our virtual journey, by crossing the English Channel at Dover and ending up in Amiens, France.  Today we completed 302km and the children seem to be really enjoying the trip so far.

Thanks again for your support and we’re not sure where we’ll end up tomorrow…

Here’s the updated map showing exactly where we are now:


01 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 2 progress update

Our second day of the running initiative clocked up another 270km towards our goal (despite the less that ideal weather) and we’ve collectively run/walked/jogged 578km which brings us to the centre of London.  The map can be found by clicking on the link below:


01 May 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 1 progress update!

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 1 progress update!

We started our marathon yesterday in brilliant sunshine and the children together with the staff completed 308km.  On our virtual journey to Vietnam, we have travelled from Skerries to Rosslare, Co Wexford, before starting to run again in Fishguard and finishing up in Bridgend, Wales.  A first step but a very important and enjoyable one!  We’ll keep you posted with more updates as we go along.

Check out the link to see how far we’ve travelled so far:https://goo.gl/maps/7myJ1RQPqis

Thanks for your support!

30 April 2018

Parents Assembly

The next parent assembly is Friday 4th of May at 8.40am for junior infants to second class and at 10.30 am for 3rd to 6th class.  

Sixth class are having a bake sale after both assemblies also which we hope you can support. 

We look forward to seeing you all there.

25 April 2018

ASD Announcement

ASD Facility at Skerries Educate Together National School.


The Board of Management of Skerries Educate Together School wishes to announce that it has sought sanction from the National Council for Special Educational Needs to open a school-age facility for children who have a diagnosis of Autistic Spectrum Disorder. This sanction was approved on 3rd April 2018. The Board must now move on to applying for the appropriate funding and, if this is granted, then proceed to overseeing the building of this facility commencing with sourcing suppliers and architects, agreeing draft plans, and applying for planning permission.

The Board recognises the difficulties faced by families within Skerries and indeed the wider area in seeking appropriate places for their children. There is undoubtedly a crisis emerging in relation to availability of school places for children in the area. The Board has every sympathy for the plight in which parents find themselves in not being able to access school places for their young children. It is hoped that when this facility has been built it will function as a robust and effective learning environment that caters appropriately for these children.

It is envisaged that when fully up and running this facility will have four classes. This will bring the number of classes catering specifically for children with ASD at Skerries Educate Together to a total of six when both Pre-school classes at Seolta are included. Classes will be opened on a phased basis.  

The decision to seek sanction for this has come about as a result of ongoing deliberations over the past two school years. The Board has already ensured that all teachers at Skerries Educate Together, during this period, have spent time both in Seolta and other school-age ASD facilities. This was envisaged as an important component in informing staff and the Board about the challenges and merits of proceeding with such an important development at our school. It is the vision of the Board that any facility provided for children with ASD would be of the highest standard. In this regard we aspire to building on the success of Seolta and providing a physical environment of equal quality. Of equal importance, we also seek to support an ongoing culture of appropriately trained and committed staff.

It is hoped that this facility will have been completed by September 2020. If it is completed before this time the Board will consider opening it at an earlier date. In recent weeks the Board has been approached by parents understandably seeking a facility to be provided for this coming school year. The Board, which has legal responsibility for any decisions it takes, did not see this as feasible. It would not have allowed for the appropriate preparation for establishing such a facility in all areas of concern. It would have been reckless and negligent of the Board to commit to something that it could not stand over as high quality with having had the required time for meaningful planning and preparation.

When fully functioning, assuming that funding is granted, this facility will be one of the largest of its kind to be part of a mainstream school in Ireland. This is therefore an exciting development not just for our school but for the area as a whole. We seek and look forward to support from our own school community and all others interested, or associated with ongoing delivery of education to children with ASD in Skerries and the wider area.