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27 May 2013

Bank Holiday Arrangements

School is closed on Friday 31st of May and reopens on Tuesday 4th of June at 8.30am. Have a lovely bank holiday weekend!

23 May 2013

Green school news

Well done to you all on taking part in An Taisce’s April spring clean. The place is looking spick and span after all your hard work. A particular big thank you to 4th, 5th and 6th class who acted as buddies for the day and were a great support to the younger children.

Also we’d like to let you know that our school is part of the ‘Skerries adopt a beach’ campaign where families and schools clean particular sections of our beautiful beaches. Our school’s location is 29 and can be found on the map at http://www.skerriesnews.ie/beach/map  . Remember always check the safety guidelines before picking up any litter.


02 May 2013

Car Park Update

The car park in front of the school is closed for the next few weeks, so we really appreciate that everyone is not parking in front of the gates. We have been informed that we should have the keys to the new building on 7th of June which we are very excited about. Thanks again for your co-operation and we will keep you updated on the progress of the building works.


01 May 2013

Update on new arrangements in mornings

Can’t wait to get into class. Life is so good!

A group of teachers and parents met recently to share views on how things are going with children entering the school building unaccompanied in the mornings. It was agreed that this transition has worked very well. Many thanks to all parents and children who have helped this to happen. The school day gets off to a much calmer start and teaching and learning begin more efficiently each morning.

Some parents were a little unhappy about not being able to pass on the occasional message to a teacher in the morning. It wasn’t intended that this type of communication should stop altogether. Let me assure all parents that if they do have a need for a quick word in the morning with their child’s teacher then this is fine. Just mention it to myself or Jean as you pass us and continue on into the school.

Other parents mentioned how their children sometimes encourage them not to come into the school grounds. Again, this is not what was intended and I will talk to all children at assembly and let them know this. We will tell children how much we like it when their parents come to the school door  and give us a chance to chat or say hello.

Finally, some parents have expressed how they miss having the opportunity to see some of the work their children have been involved with –  artwork or projects on display about the school. This is a very important issue and one which teachers will consider at their next teachers’ meeting. We will explore what opportunities can be used to maintain and develop this important link for parents and our learning environment within the school building. Certainly our new extension should make it easier to accommodate more parental access to the school and their children’s learning here.

Thanks again to everybody for your cooperation.



01 May 2013

Patron Contribution

1st May 2013

Dear Parents,

The year is moving on and we are now beginning to plan for next year. Next week we will be sending out book-bills. I am writing today to explain a new cost on book-bills. This is called the Educate Together Patron Contribution. Firstly, however, I would like to explain the reasons for including this cost.

Educate Together, as our Patron, incurs considerable costs and it invoices all schools under it’s patronage for €13 per year per child enrolled. In fact, there is a motion coming up at their AGM this month to increase this to €15 per child. Up to now, the school has paid this out of school funds. As a start-up school we actually had a reduction for the first few years and so it didn’t come to such a huge sum. This year, however, it amounted to €2,800. This is a large chunk of school funding and leaves us in a position of being unable to purchase other resources such as books or computers or indeed struggling to pay heating and lighting bills.

The Board of Management has considered the issue and has decided to ask parents through book-bills to make a contribution towards this. They decided to request €10 per child. If a family has more than 3 children attending the school then it is not expected that they should be asked to pay for a fourth or subsequent child.

I’m sure parents would like to know what uses this money is put towards. The following is a list of areas in which such funds are spent:


Practical support for  teachers such as lesson plans and library resources,

  • Providing support for Principals, including a confidential advice service,
  • In-service training for  teachers on the Learn Together curriculum,
  • Lobbying to have Learn Together taught in all Colleges of Education,
  • Providing      crisis-management
  • Assisting schools with  representations to the Department of Education and Skills, politicians,      planning authorities and legal bodies.

There would have been considerable input over the last few years from central office in helping to get our school off the ground. Indeed, the current building project we can see becoming a reality for us has benefited greatly from representations to the Department by our patron.

The Board is anxious that they avoid putting too much financial pressure on families in these economically challenging times. For this reason they have asked me to stress that when parents receive book-bills they are made aware that we are quite happy to receive payment in instalments. Many families at our school pay for books in this way. Also, if even this causes strain then parents are asked to make an appointment with myself and we can discuss the situation in total confidence and see what we can do.

Thank you in advance for your attention and understanding. We will send out book-bills on Wednesday 8th May.

Yours truly,Tomás,  Principal and Secretary to Board of Management.

29 April 2013

May Bank Holiday Arrangements

May Bank Holiday Arrangements

School is  closed on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th of May.

School will re-open on Wednesday 8th of May at 8.30am. Have a nice bank holiday Weekend.

18 April 2013

2013-2014 School Calendar

We will email all current parents the new school calendar. 2013-2014 School calendar will be given to all new Junior Infant Parents and new students of other levels. Laminated calendars are available for €1 to cover the cost of colour printing and laminating if anyone would like to purchase one.


21 March 2013

Spring Newsletter 2013

pdf newsletter – spring 2013 (1)

Click above to read or download and  find out what great things the children have been up to,  from our cultural celebration during Africa week to most recently winning the trophy for best float in Skerries St. Patrick’s Day Parade for the second year in a row, and lots more in our Spring 2013 newsletter.


21 March 2013

Easter Holiday Arrangements

School closes at 11.40am Friday 22nd March and re-opens after the Easter Holiday/Spring Break on Monday 8th April at 8.30am.

Have a nice break everyone!

15 March 2013

Promoting Independence

By now parents will have received their letter explaining our new entrance procedures which we are giving a try for the month of April. Thanks to teachers and parents who came together to talk about this. We hope that by letting all children enter the school building unaccompanied they will be encouraged to be independent and responsible for themselves. We also hope that it will help us to get started as soon as possible every day with the important teaching and learning that the children deserve. Most important of all, it helps us to ensure that the school is a safe environment for all children from the time they enter the front door until they leave at the end of each day. If parents have any concerns about this new practice they are most welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher and discuss the matter. We will prepare the children over the next week and ask parents to talk to their children about this over the Easter Holidays. I hope everybody enjoys the holidays. Be sure to read our on-line newsletter next week when it comes out.