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03 March 2020

Information – School Procedures

Dear parent/guardian,

Following on from our initial information given last week, we would like to update you on the school’s procedures for dealing with the recent Corona virus outbreak in Ireland.

We are following HSE guidelines very closely and our school is adhering to all recommendations made by the DES and the HSE. We have included information in this email. No further action is necessary to be taken by the school at present.

We are monitoring the HSE and DES websites frequently to make sure our information is up to date and we will continue this diligently.

We would like to inform you that hand sanitiser, tissues and disposable nappy bags have been provided for each class to help contain the spread of any viruses . We are also disinfecting tables daily and encouraging the children to wash their hands at intervals throughout the day. We encourage children to sing Happy Birthday twice, while they are washing their hands to ensure appropriate washing time. We would encourage you to talk to your children at home to support their learning around this topic.

All teachers are teaching children about the importance of good respiratory and hand hygiene. We have used this poster attached to help us. These posters are displayed in every classroom and throughout the school.

We appreciate your support and will continue to follow all national guidance on the issue in relation to child safety.

Kind regards,


27 February 2020

Health & Safety Notice

Dear Parents/ Guardians.

The Department of Education and Skills has updated information for schools on Covid-19.

This has been provided by the Department of Health and HSE Health Protection Surveillance Centre following a meeting of the National Public Health Emergency Team.

The most important action we can take to protect ourselves from

Covid-19 is regular hand-washing and good respiratory hygiene.

We are teaching and encouraging this in school.

Please see the links below for more information.

Thank you, SETNS.

11 February 2020

Cake Sale

Calling All Bakers…

The PTA is holding its annual Valentine’s Day Cake Sale this Friday, in the school hall. We need as many cakes and sweet treats as possible, as the more goodies we have to sell, the more funds will be raised for the school. You can give us your goodies on Friday morning at drop-off, but please make sure that all donations are nut-free.

We will have a table at the cake sale dedicated to “free-from” goodies (free from gluten, dairy-free, etc.), so if you’re supplying any such goodies, please label your donations as “dairy-free” or “gluten-free”, so we know how to display them.

For the first time, we’ll also be selling tea, coffee and hot-chocolate at this cake sale, so you can get a caffeine hit along with your sugar hit.

What a great way to kick off your Friday!

Looking forward to seeing you all then. The PTA

07 February 2020

Afterschool Clubs Spring 2020

Attached is the Afterschool Clubs timetable for Spring 2020.


Registration will be open on Friday morning, 7th February at 9am and will close at 9pm on Sunday, February 9th.

Afterschool Clubs Timetable Spring 2020

Clubs Descriptions Spring 2020




  • Follow the link on the school website.
  • Complete the form online (1 form per child) – following instructions.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Please allow time for this to come through rather than submit a second form.
  • Club places will be allocated by Friday February 14th when you will receive an email with details of your allocated clubs and what payment is due.
  • Early applications will not be processed.



When: Monday 24th February

Where: At the school (front entrance by bike shed)

Time:  7.00-8.00pm


  • Cash payment


If payment is not received on payment night you will lose your place in the club. If you cannot attend you can send someone in your place.

Please do not contact the school as clubs are not run by the school.

For any queries, please contact [email protected]

22 January 2020

Changes in Enrolment Policy

The Department has just announced that the Minister has signed the statutory instrument commencing the relevant sections of the Education (Admission to Schools) Act 2018 to come into effect on 1 February 2020.

For a school that currently runs a first come first served (FCFS) policy which is Skerries Educate Together, no further applications/pre-enrolment forms should be accepted after 31 January 2020.

The Board of Management are currently devising a new Enrolment Policy in accordance with the (Admissions to schools) act 2018.

We are compilng a communication list for any parent who would like to enrol their child after this time to inform them when the new enrolment policy is in place. The new policy will also be updated on the school website. Please call the office on  01-8494050 or email [email protected] if you would like your name added to this communication list.

16 December 2019

Holiday Arrangements

Dear Parents,
School finishes at 11.40am on Friday 20th of December for the holidays.


 School  re-opens on Monday 6th of January at 8.30am.  

Have a nice break everyone.

22 November 2019

Christmas Shoebox Appeal

Dear parents/guardians,

For the past number of years we, as a school community, have supported the Inner City Helping Homeless charity in their Christmas Shoebox Appeal. Every December, we have been amazed at the huge number of shoeboxes donated by children and families in our school. This year we are once again asking for your support with this.

Homelessness is an ever growing issue in this country and Christmas time can be especially difficult for people affected by it. ICHH does incredible work to support people without a home and this is a cause that all children in our school feel strongly about.

We are asking families to fill and wrap one shoebox with items such as soap, toothpaste, gloves etc and bring it to our outdoor classroom on December 13th. You are free to choose who you are filling the box for (Adult/Child, Boy/Girl), but please label the shoebox accordingly. Collection times will be at 8:30, 1:10 and 2:10.

Thank you for your support.

Skerries ETNS


05 November 2019

Parent-Attended Assemblies

Parent-Attended Assemblies

We value parents attending our monthly assemblies. It is a considerable support to the school which teachers appreciate and enables parents to get a glimpse of school life on a normal school day. We would encourage all parents who are able to, to come along and attend these.

The dates for these assemblies for the year ahead are as follows: 4/10, 8/11, 5/12, 10/01, 7/02, 20/03, 1/05 and 12/06.

The junior assembly (Junior Infants to 2nd class) takes place immediately after drop-off in the morning. The senior assembly happens at 10 45 am. Assemblies generally last about an hour.

05 November 2019

School Closure-Primary Language Curriculum Day

Dear Parents,

I wish to inform all parents of a school closure on Wednesday 4th December.

This is to facilitate a staff training day for all teachers on the new Primary Language Curriculum.

All primary schools in the country are engaged in this training with schools closing on different days. The Department of Education and Skills has notified our school of this date for our training.

I thought it was important to inform all parents at this stage so that they can plan for any child-minding arrangements. 

Best regards,


21 October 2019

Mid-Term Break

School closes for mid-term break at the normal times of 1.10pm and 2.10pm on Friday 25th of October.

School re-opens on Monday 4th of November at 8.30am. Hope everyone has a relaxing break.