03 September 2013

Welcome back and entering and leaving school each day.

Dear Parents – and Children,

Welcome back to school. I hope everybody had a great summer holiday. Thankfully we had great weather for most of the summer this year and we can share stories of the fun we had throughout our time off  – which is all over now!!

As everybody knows we are now using the fantastic brightly-coloured part of our new building. We are all only getting to know it and it is easy to become confused about doors, corridors and stairs all about. The morning times are perhaps the busiest and we need to be clear about where everybody enters. We have decided to let all children line up in the junior yard – the yard beside our hall in the mornings. There will be a member of staff supervising children from 8.20 onwards in this yard.  At 8. 30 the children’s teachers will arrive in the yard and escort them to the classroom. So, its very important that children arrive in time.

If there are no children or teachers in the yard when a child arrives and if the door the child’s class usually uses is closed then it would be best if the child came back around to the front door. Sharon or another member of staff will admit the child and escort him/her to the classroom.

Junior Infants children can continue to use the front door for the moment and their parents are welcome to bring them into the class in the mornings.

At home-time, all children who are to be collected will be brought to their line in the yard and parents or guardians may collect them from this location.

Thanks for your cooperation,

TomásStarting the day well