08 January 2014

Temporary Traffic Management Plan

As Fingal County Council has yet to take ownership of the grounds around the school, some roads and pavements are incomplete and road safety measures in the form of signage, road-markings, etc, are non-existent. Until such time as the ownership passes to the Council, a temporary Traffic Management Plan will be in effect as outlined below. The Plan will be reviewed as circumstances change.

We kindly ask that you take care and exercise caution when on or within the vicinity of the school grounds and as we roll out the new traffic plans we ask that you engage with them and follow them so that together we can make the school an even better and safer place. 

Work is ongoing to facilitate an agreement between the current owner of the road and Fingal County Council, but it is currently not possible to say when this is likely to happen. Once ownership is passed, it opens up for the possibility to have a Traffic Warden, better road markings, etc, which will of course make a significant positive impact on the traffic situation at the school.

If you have any concerns about traffic safety, general or specific, please talk to the schools Traffic Management Team make us aware of your concerns and if possible suggest solutions.

The Traffic Managment team can be contacted by emailing

[email protected]

Temporary Traffic Management plan

General traffic awareness in the vicinity of the school

Due to the lack of signage and road/walkway completion near the school, parking, turning and passenger disembarkment has the potential to be haphazard and crowded, increasing the risk of accidents.

One of the greatest potentials for danger is currently the often confused traffic situation on the road in front of the entrance near the Skerries Point shopping Centre carpark. There are cars seeking a quick turnaround at this point, sometimes two or three at the same time, cars trying to get through in both directions. In times of poor visibility due to bad weather or dark winter mornings, combined with the risk small children inadvertently walking on to the road, there is an increased likelihood of traffic related harm.

As a general rule, please be mindful of the likely busy traffic conditions near the school and ensure that you and your children reduce speed and increase awareness accordingly. This applies to all modes of transportation (car, bikes, scooters, etc).

Pedestrians and Cyclists

Where there is pavement near the perimeter of the school pedestrians should make sure that they use this safely and avoid spilling onto the road.

Pedestrians and cyclists should access the school from the gate near the Skerries Point Shopping Centre Carpark.

If the path ahead is obviously crowded cyclists are asked to dismount at the gate and push their bike to the lock up area.

Though a difficult thing with small children we ask that, as far as possible and within reason, pedestrians do their best to stay off the cycle lane within the school grounds.

Parking Within The School Grounds

The staff carpark is for staff only unless by prior agreement with the school management.

The designated drop off areas are for those with disabled access needs, contractors visiting the school, after school club leaders (only on club business and at no other time) and the mobile library.

For other circumstances where a parent may need to use the set down area a car pass can be applied for by contacting the school office. Office hours are 8:30am-2:00pm Monday to Friday.

Parking Outside the school grounds

There are parking areas close to the school: parking in the carpark of Skerries Point is strongly recommended.

For further information, please contact:

[email protected]

The school’s traffic management plan is open to review and any changes will be communicated at special meetings, through newsletters and other media.

Thank you for your kind attention.