08 October 2014

Student Council Elections

This month, the children of Skerries Educate Together elected their Student Council. We (Nova and Rois, from Cian’s 6th Class) visited each class to find out how the elections went.

In Lauren’s 1st class, there were lots of children were running for the Student Council. A lot of the candidates would have liked to have more playground equipment in yard. They all seem to want to join to get less homework, have hula-hoops and skipping ropes in the yard and to be able to bring sweets and other junk food in on Fridays. (All very good ideas.)  Finn Moore Forbes was the overall winner. He said, ‘I’ll make it so when it’s someone’s birthday, we can have a party! And we can have treats on Fridays!’ Well done, Finn!

In Alison’s 1st class, many children wanted to represent their class in the Student Council. Esmé Brophy, (one of the candidates) said, ‘I really want to be on the Student Council!’ Sean Greene, (the overall winner), said ‘I want to help my school and my class to get better!’ Well done Sean!

In Deirdre’s 2nd class, Brandon Power, won the place on the Student Council for his class. He said, ‘I think it will be fun and exciting! I want to change the way we play games and make it so we can watch scary films during class!’  Well done, Brandon!

In Dara’s 3rd and 4th class, Jessica Hogan was chosen to represent her class in the Student Council. Jessica thinks that we should include everyone, be happy, look after each other and make lessons fun all the time. All of these were good ideas, and the class thought so too, because the majority of people voted for her. Well done, Jessica!

Thirteen people in Sylvia’s 4th class were hoping to represent their class on the Student Council. Every one of them made a small speech, explaining why they thought the class should vote for them. They all had good speeches and it was tough for the voters to choose just one person to vote for. The overall winner was Kate Hogan. We asked Kate why she wanted to be on the Student Council and her reply was, ‘I want to be on the Student Council because it gives me a lot of authority and I want my classes ideas to be heard.’ Well done, Kate!

There was nineteen people in Conor’s 5th class who wanted to be on the Student Council. A lot of them were hoping for less homework and more P.E. Ruby counted the votes along with Conor, (the teacher). It was a tie-breaker between Sean Greene and Caelan Nolan. The class put their hands up for the person they thought should win between the two people. And Caelan Nolan was the winner, he said, ‘I’m really happy I won!’ Well done Caelan!

In Cian’s 6th class, two candidates wanted to be on the Student Council, Ellen Heffernan and Nova Hogan. Nova said she would listen to everyone’s ideas and try to bring them up at the Student Council meetings. Ellen said she would like to put a suggestion box in the school so everyone could have a say. It was close, but in the end, Nova won.

The new Student Council had their first meeting on Tuesday the 7th of October. They have lots of ideas for the coming year.

By Nova and Rois