26 September 2013

School Lunches


26th September 2013


Dear Parents,


We need to inform you about a change with regard to lunches in the near future. As you are probably aware funding for school lunches comes from the Department of  Social Protection. The original amount granted to the school has not and will not be increased. This means that the same amount has to go further. We had a choice between finishing the lunches before the end of the year – possibly the end of April – or not having a drink supplied each day. Having consulted the Parents’ Association it was agreed to go with the second option. This means that our funding should last all the way to the end of the year or near this time at any rate. So, we are asking parents to ensure that their child has a drink with them each day when they come to school. This will begin on Monday 7th October.


Apart from this we would ask parents discourage children from changing choices during the term as this takes up a lot of administrative time. We will send out new menus in January for children to review their options at that time.


Thank you for your cooperation,..


Best regards,




P.S. We will also send this note via email. It is difficult for us to work out if parents are happy to receive emails only. However, some parents might prefer this and it would also cut down on paper usage. Please sign below if you have also received this message by email and if you are happy to proceed with receiving messages from school in this way instead of receiving letters. Return it to the child’s teacher then please. If you haven’t received an email or if you prefer to continue to receive letters then there is no need to return this letter.



I confirm that I have received this message via email. I am happy to receive emails only going forward.


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