03 March 2020

Information – School Procedures

Dear parent/guardian,

Following on from our initial information given last week, we would like to update you on the school’s procedures for dealing with the recent Corona virus outbreak in Ireland.

We are following HSE guidelines very closely and our school is adhering to all recommendations made by the DES and the HSE. We have included information in this email. No further action is necessary to be taken by the school at present.

We are monitoring the HSE and DES websites frequently to make sure our information is up to date and we will continue this diligently.

We would like to inform you that hand sanitiser, tissues and disposable nappy bags have been provided for each class to help contain the spread of any viruses . We are also disinfecting tables daily and encouraging the children to wash their hands at intervals throughout the day. We encourage children to sing Happy Birthday twice, while they are washing their hands to ensure appropriate washing time. We would encourage you to talk to your children at home to support their learning around this topic.

All teachers are teaching children about the importance of good respiratory and hand hygiene. We have used this poster attached to help us. These posters are displayed in every classroom and throughout the school.

We appreciate your support and will continue to follow all national guidance on the issue in relation to child safety.

Kind regards,