22 January 2012

Litter Survey

Sylvia and David’s first and senior infant classes got together with Dara and Conor’s third, fourth and fifth classes to do a litter survey of our school grounds. We collected litter and recorded the amount and type of litter that we found on different parts of the school grounds.

We all had great fun and discovered some really fascinating things right under our noses from animal skeletons, to different animal droppings and of course some interesting litter.  Amazingly, when the contents of all the litter bags were put together we ended up with only one and a half black bags, so our school grounds are actually relatively clear of litter.

Well done to everyone who helped on the day especially our parent helpers Charlene, Yolaine, Anita and Michael.

A big thank you goes out to Louise, Therese and Audrey and thank you Nicola for taking the great photos!