Frequently-asked questions

What time do you start and finish school?

School starts at 8.30am and finishes at 2.10pm for 1st to 6th class. The junior and senior infants go home at 1.10pm

Do you have a uniform?

No we don’t. The children, parents and staff held a vote in 2010 and we voted against introducing a uniform.

Do you have a healthy eating policy?

Yes, we do, just follow the link under ‘Policies’.

Do you have after school clubs?

Yes we have some great after school clubs. Check out the list of current clubs under ‘our school’.

How many different nationalities are there in your school?

As of April 2012 there are 27 different nationalities in our school.

Do you follow the same primary school curriculum as other schools?

Yes, we teach the same subjects as all other primary schools except instead of ‘Religion’ our core ethical curriculum called ‘Learn Together’ is taught.

What is Learn Together?

Learn Together is the subject that we teach instead of ‘Religion’. It is split into 4 sections or strands. Moral and spiritual, equality and justice, belief systems and ethics and the environment. Every year, as a school, we pay particular attention to particular themes and we publish this information for parents here on our website. Look under Learn together on the main menu to find out more.

Do you go up to 6th class?

Beginning 2012/1013, we will have all classes up to and including 6th class.