29 April 2016

Virtual Cycle Fundraiser


Dear All, The school and PA are delighted to announce an exciting fundraiser taking place on Thursday 26th and Friday 27th May. The school will be taking part in a Virtual Cycle around the coast of Ireland and we need you to jump on and help us raise money for some much needed IT equipment for the school. Our overall goal is to raise €35,000 from a range of sources over the coming year. This will ensure each classroom has the equipment it needs to support the children’s learning. A virtual cycle is a lot easier than it sounds. We will be setting up exercise bikes in the hall on the above dates and each class will have a route to follow (e.g. Skerries to Drogheda).

The idea is to get the children moving, have some fun and raise some money for interactive white boards and tablets. Each class will be given a distance that they will have to complete either on the bikes, on a scooter or by foot. If there are any children who do not wish to take part in the activities, they will be encouraged to research some interesting facts about the places of interest along their route instead. They can then read this out to the class when they are completing their section of the challenge.

This way everyone gets involved! Pupils will be issued with yellow sponsorship cards, and there will be a prize for the class that collects the most. There will be a Fun Day in school the on Friday the 17th of June for all the children, to thank them for their hard work. It is up to each child’s guardian to give permission to their child to fundraise outside their own home. Money raised can be handed into the class teacher on the Fridays leading up to the event. Parents are also invited to fundraise and join us in the school on Thursday 26th May from 6-8pm, to help us complete the parents’ route. We have set up a campaign on GoFundMe.com to facilitate online donations, which you can access at GoFundMe.com/26mfwedg.

We would appreciate if you could send this link on to friends, colleagues and family members. And if you work for a company with a Corporate Social Responsibility programme, perhaps you could present this campaign to them as a good cause for investment.

We hope you will all get involved! The Virtual Cycle Committee