13 June 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 27 update

Hi everyone,

Although the weather changed for us in Skerries today, the children were still able to add a very impressive 440 km to our total and bring us within striking distance of the magical 10,000 km barrier (9,973 km to be exact).  We should certainly hit that mark tomorrow and also awaiting us is the crossing of the India-Pakistan border.  Before getting there however, we are lucky to be spending the night in the amazing city of Lahore, home to almost 12 million people and one of the most socially progressive, cosmopolitan and liberal cities in Pakistan.  Among other things, it is the centre of the Pakistani film industry (also known as Lollywood).

You can follow our exact route by clicking on the link below:


All the best,