11 June 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 25

Hi everyone,

We had the Senior Infant classes away on a school tour today and we certainly missed their contribution to our daily total.  In their absence, we managed to add another 273 km, bringing us past the 9,000 km barrier to a grand total of 9,180 km.  That is the good news.  On the other side of things, we have landed for the night in the city of Sibi, Pakistan, one of the hottest places on earth (a temperature of at least 50 degrees Celsius was recorded for five consecutive days in May 2010).  Our next few days’ of virtual travel will bring us through some extremely hot and humid places which will put our recent good weather in Skerries in perspective.

You can follow our exact route by clicking on the link below:


All the best,