06 June 2018

Skerries Educate Together NS Marathon 2018 – Day 22 update

Hi everyone,

Today we completed another 385 km in blistering conditions here in the school which brings us ever closer to the border with Pakistan, but not quite over it yet.  We find ourselves in the unusual (and possibly distressing) situation of not knowing exactly where we are on our virtual map (at least I can’t tell where we are on our map).  There are no obvious cities, towns or even villages to speak of, other than to say that we are somewhere between Bam and Zahedan in south east Iran.  Bam is an ancient citadel which experienced a devastating earthquake in 2003 while Zahedan is the regional capital and its name translates as “pious” from Arabic.

Hopefully tomorrow we’ll be back on the grid.

You can follow our exact route by clicking on the link below:


Thanks for your ongoing support.

All the best,