19 November 2015

School Car Park


19 November 2015.

 Dear Parents,

 It has been brought to the Board of Management’s attention that some

parents without parking permits are using the school car park and set down

area at drop off and pick up time.


The Board of Management needs to restate the following points and ask for

all parents’ cooperation with this. Recently Seolta school bus and parents and students with mobility issues have been unable to park in the setdown zones or disabled parking areas as these spaces have been occupied by non-parking permit holders.

  • School Staff, parents/students with mobility issues, are the ONLY people allowed to use the drop off zone and the Educate Together/Seolta Unit car parks.
  • Parents/students with mobility issues please note parking permits are available on request from [email protected]. Requests will be forwarded to the traffic management committee to consider.
  • Permits must be displayed clearly.
  • We encourage all other parents to park in Skerries Point Shopping Centre, or on the road outside the school gates and walk to the school grounds using either of the two pedestrian walk ways.
  • Please do not park on the white zig zag lines on either side of the new pedestrian crossing.  When the council takes charge of the road it will be an offence to park on these lines. Why wait? Practice makes perfect.
  • Motorists are also advised and encouraged to reduce their speed our school a safe place for our children.
  • We ask parents to consider all of the above very carefully and to help make when approaching the school from either direction.
  • Yours truly,Board of Management
  • Skerries Educate Together N.S.
  • Aisling O’Connell, Chairperson,