26 January 2018

Revised Language Curriculum Training Day for staff on Wednesday 7th February

Dear Parents,

I am writing to remind all parents of some staff training taking place resulting in a one-day closure on Wednesday 7th February 2018.

All teachers will be attending the second in-service training in connection with the Revised Language Curriculum at school on that day. This covers new methodology and planning in the way that both English and Irish is taught in school. It includes approaches to developing Oral language, Reading and Writing in both languages. This is happening in all primary schools in the country as directed by the Department for Education and Skills and is part of a three year roll-out of this new programme. Dates for further training over the next three years will be confirmed nearer the times. For any parents who wish to know more about this the following link will provide more comprehensive information:


The Board has decided on the above date for this training and has asked us to communicate it to you with as much notice as possible. We thank you for your continued cooperation.

Best regards,

Tomás Hickey, Principal.