20 October 2017

Parking on school grounds

Dear Parents,

The Board of Management is currently looking at the situation with traffic, parking and safety of children in relation to this around the school and will address this situation more formally in the near future.

I myself am becoming concerned about the number of cars that are entering the grounds. Some people are parking in the Seolta parking area at the side of the school. We have always asked parents not to drive into the grounds in order to keep all children safe. An exception is made for parents or children who have mobility issues and in this case a permit must be applied for at the office. Parking spaces are for staff only and we also need disabled spaces and the area outside Seolta Pre-school front door kept free and unobstructed for taxis and buses that deliver children to our Seolta ASD preschool.

Parents are encouraged to park in the carpark across the road at Skerries Point Shopping Centre. My concern, and that of the Board of Management is for the safety of yours and every other child in the school.

I respectfully ask that all parents heed this request and cooperate with not driving into school grounds.

Best regards,