29 September 2015

Parent Representatives for Board of Management

29th September 2015


Dear Parents


I am writing to you in relation to the Board of Management. The current Board is soon to finish its term of office. From December onwards a new Board will take on the overseeing of the management of our school. All Boards are made up of eight members. Two people are nominated by our Patron, Educate Together. The principal and an elected member of staff represent the teachers. Two parents – one father and one mother – are elected as representatives also. And, finally, two members of the wider community are sought and invited to join the Board subject to the approval of the other six members of the Board.


Accordingly, we need to hold an election to choose parent representatives going forward for the next Board. The Parents Association are having their Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 14th October at 8.pm in our parents’ room at school. With their permission I would like to encourage parents to attend this and to participate in an election of a father and mother representative to the Board at the meeting. Nominations will be sought at the meeting. Candidates who agree to let their names go forward may speak, if they wish, for a minute or two on their reasons for agreeing to put their names forward. If there is only one nominee for either panel the nominee(s) shall be deemed to be elected. If there is more than one nominee a secret ballot shall be held at the meeting.


Please consider putting your name forward or indeed nominating another person whom you would like to see going forward for this. Even if you don’t do either of these it would be great if you could attend and vote at this meeting. I’m sure all present will be interested in this and the other business of the PA on the night.


Yours truly,


Aisling O’Connell, Chairperson