04 March 2014

Free workshop- Snowflakes Autism Support Group

Snowflakes autism support would like to invite you to an Early Intervention Talk on Wednesday 5th March in Applewood Community Centre, Swords, at 8pm.

This free workshop will be presented by the Irish Centre of Behavioural Support & Research & is aimed at disseminating information relating to effective early intensive behavioural intervention in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities.

The talk would include further information on, but not limited to:

  • Introduction and definition of Early Intervention
  • Provision of Early Intervention services in Ireland
  • Benefits of Early Intervention
  • Early Intervention Program: Skill assessment and development (i.e. language, social skills)
  • Individualised goal setting for early intervention program
  • Role of Behavioural Psychologist
  • Parental involvement

Please reply to [email protected] if you are interested in attending.

Charity Number: CHY20282 

email:  [email protected]

ph:      353 1 524 1544


web:   www.snowflakes.ie