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21 October 2019 ~ Comments Off on Mid-Term Break

Mid-Term Break

School closes for mid-term break at the normal times of 1.10pm and 2.10pm on Friday 25th of October.

School re-opens on Monday 4th of November at 8.30am. Hope everyone has a relaxing break.


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08 October 2019 ~ Comments Off on Skerries Educate Together NS presents Pumpkinfest, Sunday 20th October, 2 – 5 pm

Skerries Educate Together NS presents Pumpkinfest, Sunday 20th October, 2 – 5 pm


Skerries Educate Together NS presents Pumpkinfest on Sunday 20th October in the school grounds, from 2pm to 5pm.  After a break last year, Pumpkinfest family fun day returns as a special event just for the school community, and is the PTA’s major fundraising event of the 2019-2020 school year.

This year’s Pumpkinfest will be jam-packed with family-friendly activities, from a spooky cake sale to slime-making, Mad Scientist shows, face-painting, a wrap-a-mummy contest, and much, much more.  There will be prizes for best pumpkin (bring along a carved pumpkin to participate) and best costumes; a sing-along and marshmallow toasting at the fire-pit; a treasure hunt; a second-hand toy, book, fancy-dress costume and handbag sale; a wheel of fortune with lucky dip; a barbeque; delicious hot food and drinks at our catering stand, and a confectionery stall.

We guarantee you’ll be howling with laughter by the end.  So put the date in your diary, tell your family and friends, and be sure to join us on Sunday 20th October.  All funds raised from the event will be used to buy IT and other essential equipment for the school.  A €1 admission fee applies per person.


Your Hallowe’en starts right here!


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25 September 2019 ~ Comments Off on Afterschool Clubs Autumn/Winter 2019

Afterschool Clubs Autumn/Winter 2019

Attached is the Afterschool Clubs timetable for Autumn 2019.


Afterschool Clubs Code of Conduct

Registration will be open on Friday morning, 27th September and close at 9pm on Sunday, September 29th.

Afterschool Clubs Timetable Autumn 2019

After School Clubs Descriptions

Insurance Application Form


  • Follow the link on the school website.
  • Complete the form online (1 form per child) – following instructions.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that your application has been received. Please allow time for this to come through rather than submit a second form.
  • Club places will be allocated by Friday October 4th when you will receive an email with details of your allocated clubs and what payment is due.
  • Early applications will not be processed.


  • When: Tuesday 8th October
  • Where: At the school (front entrance by bike shed)
  • Time:  7-8.30pm


  • A completed insurance form for each child (mandatory) – available on the school website
  • Cash payment (including €8 for insurance)

If payment is not received on payment night you will lose your place in the club. If you cannot attend you can send someone in your place.

Please do not contact the school as clubs are not run by the school.

For any queries, please contact [email protected]

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23 September 2019 ~ Comments Off on Link Document

Link Document

11th September, 2019

Dear Parents,

As you may remember, the Board of Management ratified a new Communications Policy in recent years and this ‘link document’ was one of the measures devised to help facilitate good communication between school and home. The first of these documents was sent home last year and we hope it was informative and useful. We are sending this in hard copy to be absolutely sure that all parents receive it. We would be grateful if you would please read this, sign it and return to your child’s teacher. This document is also posted on the school’s website as well as being posted digitally via email to all parents.


Last year we upgraded to a higher version of Aladdin – the digital data processing package used by the school. Thank you to all parents that have downloaded the Aladdin Connect App. We feel that it is a much more effective way of communicating important information with you and it ensures that no messages get missed. While email is still being used to an extent, Aladdin is the primary tool for communication and we would like all parents to engage with it. If you have not yet registered for Aladdin Connect, please contact the office for assistance.


Email again will be used within the Aladdin App. However, sometimes teachers may use email through a google account with parents. Our communications policy allows for this and it is the teacher who decides whether or not he/she will use this method. Some teachers find it convenient while others find it doesn’t always lend itself to clear communication. We ask parents to respect the decision of any teacher should they make either choice. Parents are welcome to raise any concerns with any teacher but are asked to contact the office and make an appointment to do so and this will be facilitated within one or two days.

Code of Behaviour, Anti-Bullying policies and Child Safeguarding Statement

Parents are reminded of the importance of being familiar with our Code of Behaviour and also our Anti-Bullying Policies. These outline clearly how positive behaviour is encouraged and how challenging situations are handled. We feel it is important to revisit this document every year so we would ask parents and guardians to read through this with your children in the coming weeks and discuss it with them. The policy includes a declaration for parents to show their engagement and support of this. We ask you to sign the end of this document to indicate that you have read and accept this policy.The Child Safeguarding Statement outlines how the school seeks to eliminate risk of harm to children and how disclosures of any concerns are dealt with. We would encourage parents to read this also.  

Parent-Attended Assemblies

We value parents attending our monthly assemblies. It is a considerable support to the school which teachers appreciate and enables parents to get a glimpse of school life on a normal school day. We would encourage all parents who are able to, to come along and attend these. The dates for these assemblies for the year ahead are as follows: 4/10, 8/11, 5/12, 10/01, 7/02, 6/03, 1/05 and 12/06. The junior assembly (Junior Infants to 2nd class) takes place immediately after drop-off in the morning. The senior assembly happens at 10 45 am. Assemblies generally last about an hour.

Other important dates for the school community.

Parent-Teacher meetings will be facilitated on Thursdays 14th and 21st November. Parents will be prompted to use the Aladdin Connect App when booking their meetings near the time. Also, all schools must close for one school day in the first term to facilitate staff training with the Primary Language Curriculum. The exact date of this closure has yet to be decided. More information about this and Parent-Teacher meetings will be provided to parents nearer the time. In addition, our school puts together a ‘Whole School Events calendar’. This is currently being finalised and will be uploaded onto the school website under the calendar section. We will send a message to all parents when this has been put in place.

Protecting Children with Allergies

We have a number of children in our school with allergies and as such, we have a policy at our school which seeks to protect these children. This policy also puts in place measures that would respond to an emergency if this arose. This policy is called ‘Severe Allergies/Anaphylaxis Management Policy’. All parents are asked to be mindful of this and to ensure that their children do not bring to school any food products containing nuts or prepared in an environment where nuts might have been an ingredient of some other product.


Thank you to all parents that have listened to our concerns and no longer drive into the school grounds in the morning or afternoon. We ask all parents to respect our traffic management policy. Parents are reminded that it is not permitted to drive into school grounds unless a permit has been sought and granted. Permits are granted if there is a mobility problem for either a child or their parent. This measure is in place in order to keep all children safe. Parents are also reminded not to park on the road outside the school itself. We have been informed by the Gardaí that cars who do so could be clamped or towed away.


Parents are also reminded that for insurance and also health and safety reasons dogs are banned from the school grounds. Again an exception can be made for guide dogs and therapy dogs. Parents are asked to seek a permit from the school office if this is the case.

Complaints Procedure

Parents are reminded that the school has a complaints procedure. It is important that the steps outlined in this procedure are observed. This helps to ensure fairness for parents, teachers and children. The complaints procedure is outlined on the school website.

Updating Pupils’ Information.

Please contact the school if there has been a change with regard to any important information initially shared with the school. This could include parents’ mobile numbers; email addresses, postal address or any medical condition affecting the child. If there are any specific requests with regard to who is allowed to collect your child we would ask that you put this in writing and send it in to the office.

New Staff

We would like to welcome our new Deputy Principal, Brían Ó Luasa, our new 6th class teacher Eimear Delaney and our two new Special Needs Assistants, Lorraine Cabrol and Caroline Holland.

Our School Website

Finally, we would like to encourage parents to use the school website. All policies referred to in this document, as already stated, are to be found here. Parents are welcome to make contact and raise any concerns they might have in relation to these or any other matters to do with school organisation and arrangements.

Thank you for your ongoing support and attention,



Please sign below to indicate your receipt of this document and also your awareness and acceptance of the school’s Code of Behaviour.


Name of child(ren) ________________________


Parent’s signature ________________________

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14 June 2019 ~ Comments Off on Bluenose Ultramarathon

Bluenose Ultramarathon

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30 May 2019 ~ Comments Off on Art Competition

Art Competition

This week, our hall was transformed into a pop-up art gallery, much to the delight of the children. The space is now home to hundreds of bright, thoughtful, intriguing and playful pieces and classes have been visiting each day to take it all in.

The works were created by children throughout the school over the past few weeks as part of our first annual art competition. The children explored a range of techniques and stimuli under the theme ‘Skerries’ and used imagination and enthusiasm to create many wonderful pieces of art.

We would like to congratulate and thank every child for their submission.

The competition has been kindly sponsored by the PTA and judging is currently ongoing. Prizes will be given out at our end of year assembly.


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27 May 2019 ~ Comments Off on Reminder – School Closed

Reminder – School Closed

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that school is closed on Friday 31st May,

Monday 3rd and Tuesday the 4th June. 

School re-opens as normal at 8.30am on Wednesday 5th of June.

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19 April 2019 ~ Comments Off on Some Arrangements for next term

Some Arrangements for next term

Dear Parents,

We have reached the end of term two and are all enjoying our last day. Thank you for all your support during the term. I need to inform you of some changes to our arrangements for next term.

Firstly, all schools must take a day of reflection and planning in connection with the revised Primary Language Curriculum during this school year. The Board of Management has considered this and has decided to schedule this day for Tuesday 4th June. As you might already be aware, school is closed the Friday and Monday of that weekend and so, for children, this will be an additional day when they don’t need to come to school. All staff will be at school participating in this professional development day.

Secondly, we are moving our final end of year assembly to Friday 14th June. At our next assembly, which will happen on 3rd May, medals for pupil of the 2nd term will be presented. Our June assembly will therefore include medals for pupil of the 3rd term and also plaques for pupil pf the year. It was felt that we needed  more time between both assemblies.

For now, I wish everybody a relaxing and enjoyable break. Happy Easter to all who celebrate this. We look forward to seeing everybody back after the holidays on Monday April 29th. 

Best wishes,


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19 April 2019 ~ Comments Off on Remaining Parent Assemblies

Remaining Parent Assemblies

Dear Parents,

Here are the dates for the Parent Assemblies for the rest of the year.

The assembly usually starts at 8.40am for junior infants to second class and at 10.30 am for 3rd to 6th class. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Friday May 3rd

Friday June 14th

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19 April 2019 ~ Comments Off on School Closure

School Closure

School is closed for the holidays for

2 weeks and re-opens

on Monday 29th April at 8.30am.

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