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29 September 2012 ~ Comments Off on Goodbye and Good Luck, Neasa

Goodbye and Good Luck, Neasa

We would like to pay tribute to Neasa Sheahan, our fantastic special needs co-ordinator and teacher.  Neasa left our school on Friday 28th September to pursue a career in SESS (Special Education Support Service) where she will be involved in training teachers in matters relating to Special Educational Needs.  Neasa joined our school in 2009 and brought a wide range of valuable experiences and expertise to our school which was only in its second year at the time

During this time Neasa has worked closely and competently with some of our most vulnerable students.  Her supportive, kind, encouraging and understanding style has helped many of our children reach their full potential within a mainstream setting.   Neasa also co-ordinated our superb Special Needs Assistant team (SNAs).  

She co-ordinated the SEN team (Special Educational Needs)  and worked closely with parents and mainstream teachers.   She also liaised with Speech Therapists, Psychologists and other professionals and agencies linked to our school.  Along with many other roles, Neasa led our Student Union and the children really enjoyed her pleasant and encouraging manner.  She was also our teacher representative on the Board of Management.

 Neasa, from the staffroom to the classroom we will miss you so much!  During whole school events when things go a little crazy (eg Sports Day!), you are the one quietly and competently looking out for the child who is feeling overwhelmed or not quite comfortable.  You reach out a hand to children when its needed, offering support and security.  You build their esteem, gradually allowing them to move forward independently and confidently.

Many parents have joined us in wishing you the very best of luck in the future.  The staff will really miss your expertise, your support and of course, your great sense of humour.

You are one of those teachers that children will fondly remember forever!

Thank you


From all of us at Skerries Educate Together




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20 September 2012 ~ Comments Off on Student Council trip to Temple Street Hospital

Student Council trip to Temple Street Hospital

Skerries Educate Together Student Council Trip to Temple Street Hospital


On Thursday the 13th of September we went on a trip to Temple Street (we escaped from school!) to present them with a cheque for €605.55.  We raised this money by going on a whole school sponsored walk around Kelly’s Bay.

We were all excited as we climbed into the cars and headed off for Temple Street.  Susan (a fundraising officer) met us in the lobby of the hospital, and brought us to the front steps to take our photo with our giant cheque that we had decorated.

Susan brought us down to the multi-sensory room, where children that have sensory problems can relax and play.  She thanked all of the people in our school for the money raised, and presented us with a certificate.  The money will go towards the equipment fund. Then she showed us the garden that had been specially designed as part of a TV programme.  You can actually see the garden from a birds eye view on Temple Street!

Temple Street is our chosen charity for the rest of this year.

The Student Council: Emma Butler, Ciarán Jordan McDermott, Shona Murphy, Finn Attley O’Connor, Melody Dillon & Emily Greene.

Watch out for our picture in The Skerries News soon!!

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30 May 2012 ~ Comments Off on School Closed for rest of week

School Closed for rest of week

Just a reminder that school closes on Wednesday 30th of May at the usual time and is closed Thursday and Friday. School re-opens at 8.30am on Tuesday 5th of June after the bank holiday Monday. Wishing you all a sunny break!

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30 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Planting of fruit trees

Planting of fruit trees

We met Emma and Ruth as they were planting a circle of fruit trees just beside the front gate.  We cant wait for the fruit to grow!

Lisa, Aaron, Valerija, Elod, Luis and Neasa

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28 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Easter Holiday Arrangements

Easter Holiday Arrangements

School closes on Friday 30th of March at 11.40am for the Easter Holidays. School reopens on Monday 16th of April at 8.30am. Hope everyone has a nice break.

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16 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Bank Holiday Arrangements

Bank Holiday Arrangements

We are finishing at the normal time today and school will re-open on Wednesday 21st of March at 8.30am. Hope the rain stops for the mad scientists in the Skerries parade tomorrow!  Have a nice weekend.

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16 March 2012 ~ Comments Off on Skip Hop Workshop 16th March 2012

Skip Hop Workshop 16th March 2012

We had to postpone the Skiphop workshop today due to the inclement weather. The surface was too slippy to continue skipping. Even Emily from Skerries News got a little wet taking photos of the Junior and Senior Infants skipping.  The good news is that Skiphop will be back with us on Tuesday 27th March and hopefully the weather will have improved!

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22 February 2012 ~ Comments Off on One Book! One Community!

One Book! One Community!


by David Almond

On Wednesday, 22nd February, 5th Class embarked on a reading project in conjunction with other local schools – Bracken Educate Together NS, Balbriggan Educate Together NS, St. Teresa’s NS, and Balbriggan Community College.

5th class in each primary school and a group of 1st Year students from Balbriggan Community College will be reading a book called Skellig by David Almond over a period of 5 weeks and sharing their experiences and opinions of the book. They will also be doing some literacy and art projects based on the book such as debates, role play and creation of character profiles to mention but a few. Students from all the schools will come together to work on small joint projects. The art projects will be on display in Balbriggan Library over the Spring holidays. The children will be expected to read some of the book each day either in class or at home.

A major aspect of this project will be the use of a ‘One Book’ blog, where the children will have the opportunity to come together online to individually share their own ideas about the book. We encourage all the children to leave a comment….and parents too if you start to read the book! This blog will be mediated by one teacher from the participating schools and all posts will be approved by them before being posted to ensure the safety of the children. The link to the blog is

The children will be attending a screening of Skellig, the film, in Balbriggan Library during the last week before the Spring holidays. This will give them a chance to see the film adaptation of the book and it will be a great way to finish off the project.

As part of this project we would like to invite parents to share in this reading experience. Parents can help their children read the book. This will give parents and children an opportunity to discuss the book and share opinions. Parents can add comments to the online blog and they will be invited to come together with the children at the end of the project to watch the film adaptation of the book. We are encouraging all parents to show an interest in their children’s reading at home and to ask them questions about the book. If any parents would like a copy for themselves please let us know.

This is an exciting venture for all schools involved and we hope it helps garner a sense of community and friendship amongst the schools whilst, most importantly, encouraging children to engage with books and the joy of reading and to share that experience with their parents.

We hope everyone enjoys reading this book – children, parents and teachers! It promises to be a great few weeks….so what are you waiting for….get reading!!!


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26 October 2011 ~ Comments Off on Ethos Evaluation 2011

Ethos Evaluation 2011

The Educate Together ethos is at the heart of all that goes on in our school.  In order to ensure that this is the case, and continues to be the case, we conducted a self-evaluation of our ethos during the last school year.  This evaluation covered both the lived and the taught ethos and we included all members of the school community: the children, the parents, the Board of Management and the staff in the evaluation.  The Board of Management have discussed the findings and we would like to share them with you.

Overall the feedback from all groups of the school community was hugely positive.

The key findings from the children were that they love their school; they feel important in school, they like their teachers a great deal and they are happy to have no uniform.

This positive view was largely mirrored by the parents. They like the school environment and they consider the teaching staff to be very approachable and professional.  Parents feel that their child’s identity is fully respected and they like the multi-denominational ethos of the school.

Certain improvement areas were highlighted to us from the findings and we are taking these very seriously.  We are currently working on them in order to improve our commitment to provide the very best learning environment for your child:

Learn Together Curriculum

Many parents expressed the view that they would like to know more about the Learn Together Curriculum.  In an Educate Together school two and a half hours are set aside each week to deliver the Ethical Education Curriculum (Learn Together Programme).  In order to support parents in learning more about the programme the teachers have got together and produced a brief yearly plan for each class level which details the topics to be covered.  This will be posted to our website over the coming days and is available in hardcopy upon request. A copy of the curriculum is available in the school and also from our patron, Educate Together


Our website has been operational for some time but we are delighted to report that we are putting the finishing touches to it now.  We are finalising some policy around it and we expect it to be up and running fully within the next few weeks complete with lots of the children’s school work on display.  We expect to use this as a major means of communication along with our newsletter, notes home and text-a-parent.

Early in the New Year we will be starting a new initiative when we will hold a joint meeting for the board, staff and parent members to come together.   This meeting will allow all these groups to plan and work together around school issues to ensure that we uphold the principles of our ethos as we move forward together.  The individual needs and general interests of the children will be central to this process. The student council will also participate to help make this a reality.

Clarity of Roles

In the ethos evaluation process many parents sought more information on the different groups that make up the school community and how they relate to each other. On our website the roles and members of each group within our school community will be described – The Staff, The Board of Management, The Parents Association and our patron body, Educate Together.  Again , a hard copy of this information will be available on request.

The School Yard

In collaboration with the children, the staff is working at improving the play and social opportunities of the school yard.  We are investing in resources that will enhance and encourage imaginative play and we are working on ensuring that the ethos of our school carries to the school yard also.

In conclusion, the Board of Management will continue to work on ensuring that the school runs according to the ethos as determined by our Patron, Educate Together.   We would like to thank you sincerely for taking part in our ethos evaluation.  Your input is very valuable to us and we hope that, with your continued support, we will make your child’s school days a happy, safe and stimulating experience.

If you have any queries with regard to our ethos please do not hesitate to contact us.

— Jean Timmins, Deputy Principal and Board of Management Member
































































































































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23 March 2011 ~ Comments Off on The fabulous work around our school

The fabulous work around our school

Here’s just a small selection of the fabulous work created by our students recently.

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