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14 February 2017 ~ Comments Off on Walk for Water Skerries Educate Together- Thursday 16th February 2017.

Walk for Water Skerries Educate Together- Thursday 16th February 2017.

Students from Skerries Educate Together National School

to “Walk for Water” in solidarity

with young people in Africa.


14th of February 2017

Students from Skerries Educate Together National School will “Walk for Water” in solidarity with children and teenagers across the globe who have to undertake arduous journeys every day to collect water for their families. The “Walk for Water” will take place on the 16th of February at 10.30am. The children in Seolta and the infant classes will parade outside the school as we send 1st to 6th class off on their walk. They will walk from the school to Red Island and back. This action is one of many hundreds of actions taking place around the world in the lead up to World Water Day, March 22nd 2017.


About Water Poverty

Did you know that, in parts of Kenya, children, especially girls, walk an average of 6kms per day to collect water, carrying up to 20 litres of water on their journey?

As a result of the time it takes to collect water, many children, especially girls, are unable to remain in school, and without education, find themselves caught in a cycle of poverty.

Often, the water collected is unclean and up to 2,000 children die every day from diseases associated with lack of access to safe drinking water and sanitation facilities.

Ending the water and sanitation crisis will help break the poverty cycle, increase school attendance, and save lives.


About World Water Day and Water Action Month

World Water Day is held annually on March 22nd as a means of focusing attention on the need for safe, clean, water supplies and the sustainable management of fresh water resources throughout the world. Since 2016, the month of March is designated as Water Action Month – an entire month dedicated to activities and mobilisations across the globe aimed at addressing water poverty.


About Aidlink

Aidlink, an Irish NGO working in Kenya, Uganda and Ghana, annually organises the Walk for Water campaign with Irish Secondary Schools in the run up to World Water Day on March 22nd.

Aidlink has worked for over 30 years in the developing world to address basic human needs, including access to safe, clean water and sanitation facilities.

Aidlink emphasises the important role of water and sanitation facilities in prolonging girls’ attendance at school. In the communities where Aidlink work, the introduction of water tanks and girl-friendly latrines has had a huge impact on young girls and their ability to stay in education into their teenage years.



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07 February 2017 ~ Comments Off on Parent helpers wanted for Green School water flag

Parent helpers wanted for Green School water flag

Dear Parents,

As part of our Green School’s Initiative Skerries ETNS will be celebrating and learning about ‘Water’ related topics this month. This is to prepare the children towards earning the ‘An Taisce’ Water Flag for our school.

On the 16th of February we will hold a ‘Walk for Water’ to highlight the distances children in less fortunate countries must endure to deliver fresh water to their families. The Walk for Water is an important event in both celebrating water and respecting its protection.

Please join us, along with the PTA, if you are free on the day and help us empower our local community!

– Skerries ETNS Green Schools Committee

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24 April 2015 ~ Comments Off on An Taisce National Spring Clean

An Taisce National Spring Clean

Well done to all classes for a fabulous litter picking event on Wednesday 22nd April. Special thanks to Conor’s class for being such great buddies for the younger classes and to Sylvia’s class for their great safety talks to all classes.

20150422_094810 20150422_094817



Simon, from Fingal County Council came out to pick up all the recyclable litter collected from our own school grounds and from around Kelly’s Bay. Look at all the litter that we gathered!

2015 - 1 (1) 2015 - 1

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29 September 2014 ~ Comments Off on Green School Helpers needed

Green School Helpers needed


Green School appeal for volunteer parents!

Monday  29th September 2014



Dear Parents / Guardians,

It’s that time of year again, when we appeal for our army of green school parents to volunteer to help keep our school green.

We’ve done a fantastic job so far and at the end of last year received our second flag for saving Energy. With each new flag we have to keep up the work from the previous flags so we have to work harder each time!

We are looking again for a group of parents from each class to take a small tub of washcloths home every Friday, wash them and return them on the Monday. We will use these cloths to clean the tables after art and lunch. This scheme has dramatically cut down the amount of paper towels that the school uses. If we get a few volunteers from each classroom, we can have a rota for each class and the task can be shared.

Please let us know if you can help.

The Green school committee






Child(ren):………………………………………………..        Teacher(s):……………………………………………………………


Yes, I can help with washing the cloths in my child’s classroom.                        (tick here)  *


(Please return this slip to your child’s teacher before October 3rd 2014.)







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13 March 2014 ~ Comments Off on Energy Action Day

Energy Action Day

As part of our Green Schools Energy Flag programme we will be holding a LOW TO NO ELECTRONICS DAY on Tuesday the 18th of March.  Children, staff and parents are encouraged to use as little electronic devises as possible this day to save on non renewable energy. That means, staying off the computer, television, mobile phones, turning off lights, closing doors, wearing an extra jumper and doing as much as possible to save on energy.
Our Green Schools Committee are hard at work preparing the school for this day. We will also have a visit from Fingal County Council to check up on our progress and hopefully award us with our second Green Schools Flag. Throughout the day we will also hold a “Heat- athon” where each class will participate in PE Curriculum activities to get moving, create natural heat and learn about different ways to save on heating.
We ask all parents to return the Energy Surveys that went home this week no later than FRIDAY THE 14th of March.

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13 September 2013 ~ Comments Off on Hand Towels

Hand Towels

Dear Parents, as part of  the green school initiative we are asking parents to provide their children with a small handtowel in a bag with their name on it. The reason for this is that we are trying to cut down on our paper waste and usage and it was a scheme that worked well for the school last year also. We do not expect parents to go go out and buy these items, but just provide a facecloth or handtowel in a zip lock freezer bag or old toilet bag with their child’s name on it from your home. We also would like to remind parents that it is good practice to remove the towel on Friday’s to wash and replace for the following week. Thank you for your co-operation again.  Tomás

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23 May 2013 ~ Comments Off on Green school news

Green school news

Well done to you all on taking part in An Taisce’s April spring clean. The place is looking spick and span after all your hard work. A particular big thank you to 4th, 5th and 6th class who acted as buddies for the day and were a great support to the younger children.

Also we’d like to let you know that our school is part of the ‘Skerries adopt a beach’ campaign where families and schools clean particular sections of our beautiful beaches. Our school’s location is 29 and can be found on the map at  . Remember always check the safety guidelines before picking up any litter.


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09 October 2012 ~ Comments Off on Our new Green School Committee

Our new Green School Committee

Hello everyone,

We’ve had our first meeting and we’re putting together our ideas for the year and preparing our green school display.

If you’d like some pet bedding made from shredded paper, you can get some from us at our table in the lobby at 8.30 on Friday 19th October. We’ll have a regular stall once a month, so you’ll be able to stock up for your rabbit and guinea pig hutches!

Talk to you all soon,

Wiktoria, Nova, Harry, Sam,  Lucy, Jamie and Sylvia

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21 May 2012 ~ Comments Off on Congratulations Everyone!

Congratulations Everyone!

Representatives from the green school committee took part in An Taisce’s  green flag award ceremony in Ashbourne recently.

We were awarded with our first green flag which we have proudly brought back to our school.

Well done to all the classes who are now using personal hand-towels! We are saving lots of trees as a result!

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22 January 2012 ~ Comments Off on Litter Survey

Litter Survey

Sylvia and David’s first and senior infant classes got together with Dara and Conor’s third, fourth and fifth classes to do a litter survey of our school grounds. We collected litter and recorded the amount and type of litter that we found on different parts of the school grounds.

We all had great fun and discovered some really fascinating things right under our noses from animal skeletons, to different animal droppings and of course some interesting litter.  Amazingly, when the contents of all the litter bags were put together we ended up with only one and a half black bags, so our school grounds are actually relatively clear of litter.

Well done to everyone who helped on the day especially our parent helpers Charlene, Yolaine, Anita and Michael.

A big thank you goes out to Louise, Therese and Audrey and thank you Nicola for taking the great photos!

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