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22 September 2016

Traffic Management Plan

Traffic Management Plan


Pedestrians and Cyclists

We would like to inform everyone we now have a bicycle lane and a Pedestrian lane clearly marked at both entrances. Please use either one to gain access to the school grounds. We also like to inform and remind you, that in heavy rainfall the footpath nearest the bike shelter can become flooded and we ask you to use the other entrance at the other side of the school, nearest Seolta where possible on these days.


Inside the school grounds

The staff car park is for staff use only unless you have been given a parking permit from the school. To apply for a parking permit, applicants need to email [email protected] requesting the reason needed for a permit. Permits are issued generally to parents who have a mobility issue or whose child has such an issue. The Board of Management will issue a permit once they have considered the written/emailed request.

The designated drop-off areas at the front of the school, in Seolta car park and teachers’ car park are for those with disabled access needs, contractors visiting the school, after school club leaders (only on club business and not at any other times). Parents collecting their sick child before the end of school day are also allowed park in these drop-off zones.

Please do not park in the disabled car parking spaces at any time if you do not have a permit.

Parking outside the school grounds

There are parking areas close to the school: parking in the Skerries Point shopping centre which is free parking is recommended or on the road outside the school on the school side of the road. Please do not park or drop off children at the zig-zag lines both sides of the designated crossing points or at the traffic lights.

We appreciate your co-operation with this as we endeavour to keep the school grounds a safe place for your children.

22 September 2016

Garda Vetting

Dear Parents,
The Board of Management has asked me to contact parents and inform them of new rules in place in connection with Garda Vetting and volunteering for any activities at school. Our school benefits greatly from parents taking part in various activities associated with the school. This could involve helping out occasionally in class with artwork or numeracy or literacy. It could involve looking after the library or an after-schools club. Any activity where a parent might have contact with children other than their own that is associated with the school could come under the rules mentioned above. These are laid out in a circular (0031/2016) from the Department for Education and Skills which is available at the following link ; http://www.education.ie/en/Circulars-and-Forms/Active-Circulars/cl0031_2016.pdf (It’s a hard read so please don’t feel you have to do so.)
Anyway, the long and the short of it all is that all adults who are volunteering with or employed by the school must be vetted. A new form for this has been devised and this is available at the secretary’s office. In addition to this a ‘statutory declaration’ must be filled out and signed by a peace commissioner or commissioner of oaths as well as a ‘form of undertaking’. And, as if that wasn’t enough, all persons applying to be vetted must also produce proof of address (recent utility bill, less than 6 months old – not a mobile phone bill) and photographic ID (passport or driver’s licence) and bring this to the school to be copied.
So, this involves a certain amount of time and effort on the part of any willing parent. I would appeal to you to consider putting yourself forward for this as we really depend on our pool of vetted volunteers at the school to help things to take place. There may be no specific reason right now to have been vetted, but, you may be happy to – for example – go on a school tour later in the year. The vetting process takes a number of weeks so it would be best to have gone through it and so be ‘ready to go’.
Any parent who has already been vetted before 29th April 2016 need not worry about this straight away. However, I understand that they will be retrospectively re-vetting these people. So, it might make sense to go through the process anyway.
Thanks for your attention. As I said, if you are happy to put yourself forward please, please do so. Just call in to Sharon at the office and she will give you the relevant forms.
Best regards,

19 September 2016

Afterschool Clubs 2016

Please note that registration day for Afterschool Clubs will take place on Thursday, 22nd September at 6:30pm in the school.  If you cannot attend this date you will be able to register on Friday, 23rd at 08.30am outside the school office.  Please note that you can only book a maximun of two clubs per child.  We will notify parents if there are still places available after registration and then you may book further clubs.

Please let us know on the back of the registration form if your child has any medical conditions.  Due to data protection the school can not give out medical information.

Looking forward to a new term of after school clubs!

The Afterschool Clubs Committee

Afterschool Clubs Registration Form

Afterschool Clubs Memo

18 September 2016

5th class trip to Brú na Bóinne September 2016

5th class are doing a project on the Stone age at the moment and as part of that work, we visited Brú na Bóinne. Keep an eye outside our classroom for our project work. Parents and friends are welcome to come in and view the projects on Friday 30th September at 8.30am. Many thanks to Viktorija who acted as class photographer for the day.


13 September 2016

Birthday Invitations and birthday cakes

Parents, we kindly request that you do not ask your child’s teacher to hand out birthday invitations or birthday cake in class or yard.  We appreciate your co-operation with this. Thank you

06 September 2016

The write shop, write now for school supplies

Pencils always breaking?

Rubber always smearing?

Then you need the new improved school shop!

With prices slashed across the store, it has never been a better time to use the school shop!

Opening hours have been extended to 4 days a week, Monday to Thursday.

Location: Outside Sylvia’s 5th class room.

Time: 10.05-10.15 Monday to Thursday.

Come down at break time to get your stationary.

Teachers. Order your teacher pack now!

Black/red biros 55c each. Two for €1.

Pencil 49c

Rubber €1.40

Pencil parer 50c

15cm ruler €1.50

30cm ruler €1.90




30 August 2016

School re-opens Wednesday 31st August at 8.30am.

Welcome back to school everyone on Wed 31st of August at 8.30am. Please line up in yard as per last year and wait for your teacher. Enjoy the last 2 days of holidays.

For new Junior Infants, Please line up with your child in the yard with the playhouse. Tom and Louise will meet you in this yard and escort you to the classroom. The Parent’s Association will host a coffee morning in the hall on the 31st for all new parents.

18 July 2016

New Teachers

We would like to introduce parents to the three new teachers starting with us on 31st of August 2016.
Tom O’Donoghue – Junior Infants
Eleanor Foley – Second/Third Class
Laoise Gormley – Second Class

29 June 2016

Virtual Cycle

The school raised over 8,500 euro. We had wonderful fun. Sylvia’s class raised the most and won a trip to storm in a tea cup. Thanks to everyone who took part.

Cycle 1 IMG_4803 IMG_4810

29 June 2016

Senior infants school tour

Senior infants went to Skerries Community Centre and had a great day on the bouncy castles and zorbing.

IMG_4823 IMG_4825 IMG_4827 IMG_4829 FullSizeRender (2) IMG_4845