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08 October 2012

Sammy Senses

Dee’s Junior Infants met Sammy senses today. He helped us explore our sense of touch, smell and sight. We are looking forward to exploring our taste and hearing senses tomorrow!

08 October 2012

Enjoying the new school lunches

Enjoying the new school lunches

The children in 2nd and 3rd class are really enjoying the new school lunches!

They loved choosing their lunches from the menu.

As part of the Green Schools initiative they are all taking home their rubbish.

08 October 2012

6th Class to release their new single!

David’s 6th Class have been busy in the studio to record their new record. After the runaway success of their first release the group are hoping to do even better with the follow up. Passers by have reported hearing a lot of banging and shaking.

We will let you know a bit more about it soon.

6th Class in their classroom studio



08 October 2012

Starting the day at our school.

Thanks to everybody for making a big effort to get to school on time. There has been a big improvement. Our school-day starts at 8.30 am. All children who arrive before this time are supervised from 8.15 am on-wards. The school doors open at 8.30 am and all children waiting at outside doors will be admitted and these doors will now be closed. It’s important that children are in school for this valuable settling -in time. It gives them a chance to chat with their friends and make a calm transition between home and school. Children arriving after 8.30 am will have to use the front door. On rainy days we allow children into the building where they wait in the downstairs corridor until the 8.30 am bell rings.
We need to let you know that all classroom doors, as well as the front door, are closed at 8.40 am. This is the time for formal teaching and learning to begin. Some children are being taught out on corridors so our school needs to be free of any visitors for this. Any children who arrive to school after this time need to press the buzzer at the front door. Sharon or some other member of staff will greet the child and bring them to their classroom. Please keep up the great

Hope we make it in time!

effort with coming to school on time every day.

29 September 2012

Goodbye and Good Luck, Neasa

We would like to pay tribute to Neasa Sheahan, our fantastic special needs co-ordinator and teacher.  Neasa left our school on Friday 28th September to pursue a career in SESS (Special Education Support Service) where she will be involved in training teachers in matters relating to Special Educational Needs.  Neasa joined our school in 2009 and brought a wide range of valuable experiences and expertise to our school which was only in its second year at the time

During this time Neasa has worked closely and competently with some of our most vulnerable students.  Her supportive, kind, encouraging and understanding style has helped many of our children reach their full potential within a mainstream setting.   Neasa also co-ordinated our superb Special Needs Assistant team (SNAs).  

She co-ordinated the SEN team (Special Educational Needs)  and worked closely with parents and mainstream teachers.   She also liaised with Speech Therapists, Psychologists and other professionals and agencies linked to our school.  Along with many other roles, Neasa led our Student Union and the children really enjoyed her pleasant and encouraging manner.  She was also our teacher representative on the Board of Management.

 Neasa, from the staffroom to the classroom we will miss you so much!  During whole school events when things go a little crazy (eg Sports Day!), you are the one quietly and competently looking out for the child who is feeling overwhelmed or not quite comfortable.  You reach out a hand to children when its needed, offering support and security.  You build their esteem, gradually allowing them to move forward independently and confidently.

Many parents have joined us in wishing you the very best of luck in the future.  The staff will really miss your expertise, your support and of course, your great sense of humour.

You are one of those teachers that children will fondly remember forever!

Thank you


From all of us at Skerries Educate Together




21 September 2012

6th Class has the X Factor!

David’s 6th Class have been learning about sound recording recently. We were experimenting with lots of cool recording equipment like microphones and amps.

To show off our skills we decided to try our hand at recording a song for our fans. We chose the Green Day song ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’ as we thought it was a fitting idea for all those Back to School Blues.

The song can be heard and downloaded at;


We hope you enjoy. Bring on the Christmas Number 1!


20 September 2012

Student Council trip to Temple Street Hospital

Skerries Educate Together Student Council Trip to Temple Street Hospital


On Thursday the 13th of September we went on a trip to Temple Street (we escaped from school!) to present them with a cheque for €605.55.  We raised this money by going on a whole school sponsored walk around Kelly’s Bay.

We were all excited as we climbed into the cars and headed off for Temple Street.  Susan (a fundraising officer) met us in the lobby of the hospital, and brought us to the front steps to take our photo with our giant cheque that we had decorated.

Susan brought us down to the multi-sensory room, where children that have sensory problems can relax and play.  She thanked all of the people in our school for the money raised, and presented us with a certificate.  The money will go towards the equipment fund. Then she showed us the garden that had been specially designed as part of a TV programme.  You can actually see the garden from a birds eye view on Temple Street!

Temple Street is our chosen charity for the rest of this year.

The Student Council: Emma Butler, Ciarán Jordan McDermott, Shona Murphy, Finn Attley O’Connor, Melody Dillon & Emily Greene.

Watch out for our picture in The Skerries News soon!!

25 July 2012

Olympic Games Skerries Educate Together June 2012

Olympic Games – Skerries Educate Together 2012


It all began at 9am on Monday 18th June.  Our sports day dawned sunny and bright.  167 happy children arrived into school delighted that their sports day would not be postponed again due to inclement weather.

Our Opening Ceremony was a memorable occasion for the children.  We were very honoured to have Gary O’Brien, Ireland’s Special Olympic silver medallist come to lead our parade.  Gary was one of the torch bearers for the 2012 Olympic Games in Dublin earlier in the month so it was a great opportunity for all the children to meet a great athlete.  They also had the chance to see the Olympic torch and a real Olympic silver medal.  Many of our children accompanied Gary holding various Olympic symbols that they made.  Then all the children followed waving the flag of their country.  All this to the theme music of the Olympic Games and Chariots of Fire. We then gathered around our very own Olympic Village (a decorated bicycle shed!) for the welcoming speech.   Lots of parents and friends came to see their children and it was indeed a very touching spectacle.


After the Opening Ceremony the children enjoyed station activities such as puc fada, penalty shoot out, shoot the hoops, parachute games,  a race station for sack races, egg and spoon race , skipping/hula hoop stations, tumbling station, obstacle course, construction station, twister, coconut shy and hoops, javelin and discus throw, and the very popular limbo dancing disco area.  Other highlights included the mam’s, dad’s and pre-schoolers races, and the soccer match between senior children and staff.


This was a non-competitive fun day and would not have been possible without the wonderful support of parents and friends.  From the early hours of Monday morning parents and teachers could be spotted hanging bunting, hammering in a coconut shy, pitching gazabos, setting up sound systems, dragging out gym mats, benches and goal posts, chopping apples and oranges and of course setting up the ever popular face painting area.



The children left school excited, happy and extremely tired.  Tuesday was a very quiet day in our school!

18 June 2012

Summer newsletter out now

Find out what great things our children have been up to, our amazing fundraising activities, and lots more in the Summer 2012 newsletter. To read or download your copy, click here!.

17 June 2012

Brainstorm Day 2012

The school’s first Brainstorm Event took place on the 10th of March 2012.

This event was organized by the school’s Board of Management in response to the school’s Educate Together Ethos Evaluation which took place in 2011. 39 people, representing staff, parents and Board of Management, attended the event.

The main purpose of this day was for the three main bodies of the school community to come together, get to know each other a bit better and discuss the 8 main themes listed below.

For more details, have a look at the Brainstorm Day report.