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21 March 2013

Easter Holiday Arrangements

School closes at 11.40am Friday 22nd March and re-opens after the Easter Holiday/Spring Break on Monday 8th April at 8.30am.

Have a nice break everyone!

15 March 2013

Promoting Independence

By now parents will have received their letter explaining our new entrance procedures which we are giving a try for the month of April. Thanks to teachers and parents who came together to talk about this. We hope that by letting all children enter the school building unaccompanied they will be encouraged to be independent and responsible for themselves. We also hope that it will help us to get started as soon as possible every day with the important teaching and learning that the children deserve. Most important of all, it helps us to ensure that the school is a safe environment for all children from the time they enter the front door until they leave at the end of each day. If parents have any concerns about this new practice they are most welcome to make an appointment with their child’s teacher and discuss the matter. We will prepare the children over the next week and ask parents to talk to their children about this over the Easter Holidays. I hope everybody enjoys the holidays. Be sure to read our on-line newsletter next week when it comes out.

14 March 2013

World Book Day vouchers

Some Junior classes in our school were recently given vouchers to celebrate World Book Day. These vouchers gave a huge discount on many children’s books. Unfortunately, we did not receive enough vouchers for all children in the school.

However, Skerries Bookshop have kindly agreed to sell the books included in this deal to children from our school at the discounted price without the WBD voucher.

So go along and pick up a bargain!

11 March 2013

St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Arrangement

School is closed on Monday 18th of March and re-opens on Tuesday 19th of March at 8.30am. Don’t forget to support our Green Superhero float at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade! Have a nice weekend.

06 March 2013

Learn Together : Africa Appreciation Week

We celebrated ‘Africa Appreciation Week’ at the end of January.  It was a super week of learning and fun.  Thanks to all the parents who brought in wonderful artefacts for our African Artefact Exhibition.  All children in the school had a chance to touch, see and discuss African masks,  carvings, musical instruments, clothes, and utensils.


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12 February 2013

Parent/Teacher Meeting Arrangments

Parents are advised that Parent-Teacher meetings are due to be held at our school on Friday 22nd of February and Friday 1st March. All parents will receive a letter regarding these arrangements when children return to school on Monday 18th next after the midterm break.  This letter will request parents to indicate what time on either of these days will suit best for them to make an appointment to meet their child’s teacher.  (Parents will be asked to give three rated options for each day).  Meetings for children in Junior and Senior Infants will be timed from 1.10pm to 3.30pm. Meeting for more senior classes will take place between 2.10pm and 4.30pm.. Each meeting will last about 10 minutes.

Very often the first day of these meetings is oversubscribed and thus it can be difficult to give parents their choice. Parents who opt for the second day of meetings are usually facilitated at their time of choice.  Many parents may need to make special arrangements at their place of work in order to be free to attend these meetings.  This notice is posted on our website today 12th February in the hope that parents have adequate notice to make appropriate arrangements with employers.  This is always a special day at our school and we look forward to meeting all parents and chatting with them about their children’s learning. Tomás.

08 February 2013

School Reports

Parents are advised that due to changes in regulations from the Department of Education and Science, school reports must now issue towards the end of the school year.  Accordingly we will not be sending reports today 8th February as indicated on our school calendar.  These will issue in early June. We will proceed with Parent/Teacher meetings as scheduled on 22nd of February and 1st of March. Tomás

08 February 2013

Mid-Term Break Arrangements

Mid-Term Break Arrangements

Reminder to everyone that the school is closed from Wednesday 13th February to Friday 15th February 2013  for the mid-term break. School re-opens on Monday 18th February at 8.30am. Enjoy the break.

30 January 2013

Good Luck Sixth Class

Children in 6th Class have been getting very excited recently as our first experience of Secondary school life draws near.

The class have been showing great maturity, trying their best and also doing a small bit of worrying as the Entrance Exams get closer.

Some children will be sitting these exams this coming weekend while others have another few weeks to wait!

We are very proud of the class for the hard work, dedication and enthusiasm they have shown.

We wish them the very best of luck from everyone here in Skerries Educate Together N.S.


30 January 2013

After School Clubs Spring 2013

It’s that time again! We are pleased to inform you that our After School Clubs will be commencing on Monday 25th February.  Each club will take place one day per week for 10 weeks with a break for Easter Holidays.  These clubs are organised by the After School Clubs Committee, and will be run by teachers and parents/guardians of children in the school.

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